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16 Jan 2018

Driven by their own need for a healthier state of mind MENtell was founded by a small group of local Bramhall men in the summer of 2017.

Over the past six months, the group has been meeting informally serving to aid each other in achieving a more desired state of mind. Due to its success, MENtell felt the need to extend their services to the wider public. As of Monday 22nd January, 2018 MENtell will be opening its doors to men of all ages and backgrounds who currently struggling to cope.

MENtell Bramhall

If you are male and feeling down, depressed, helpless, paranoid or anxious? Maybe you are suffering from a loss of interest, satisfaction, sense of self-worth, guilt or a general lack of zest for life? MENtell is here for you.

MENtell Bramhall

There is undoubtedly a mental health epidemic in the UK with 12.5% of all men suffering from a common mental health disorder (depression, anxiety, paranoia, erratic mood, self-esteem issues and guilt) and 76% of all suicides attributed to men under the age of 35 (Government Office for National Statistics). Worryingly it is reported that men are less likely than women to seek help for these disorders and a more likely to become alcohol and/or drug dependent as a result.

MENtell Bramhall

Therefore MENtell aims to provide men with a fully confidential and informal environment to share and work through their mental health challenges. As part of the meetings, MENtell will introduce relevant practical self-help tools and information intended to aid its participants in achieving a more desired state of mind.

MENtell Bramhall

At the present time spaces are limited to 10 people, with the group meeting for approximately 2 hours on a biweekly basis.

If you are interested in becoming part of MENtell then please visit the website and submit your contact details. 

This group is voluntary with no cost to the members if anyone is able to help with a free private venue, venue hire costs or perhaps attending as a guest speaker, please do get in touch via their website.

MENtell Bramhall

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