Mother and Daughter run half marathon together

19 Sep 2016

Daughter from Bramhall and Mother from USA run half marathon together on 8 October in Murfreesborough, Tennessee.

As a resident of Bramhall for the past 9 years you may have seen Tracy Mellor when she worked at the estate agents  on Woodford Rd (Edward Mellor) or when she then took over the premises and ran a Coaching practice from there or perhaps seen her in Bramhall Park, Carrwood or Happy Valley walking her little Cavachon, Molly.  More recently you may have noticed this crazy looking chick in running gear with matching vest, compression calf guards, sweat bands and even laces and wearing a sun visor, pounding the streets – that’d be her!!

Tracey Mellor

Her mum started running at age 50 and has so far completed seven half marathons.  Last year she hit ‘the wall’ at mile 7 and got herself mentally confused.  She thought she would turn around and walk back (which, over a 13.1 mile race would have been a longer distance than continuing!).  She sat down on the kerb and fortunately had the foresight to ring her daughter (Tracy’s half-sister, Angelina) who was waiting for her at the finish line.  Somehow Angelina talked her into get back into the race and she not only finished but she came second in her age group and achieved a better time than some younger runners!

Tracy, the 52 year old daughter, lives thousands of miles away in Bramhall, she had two thoughts about this.  Firstly, her mum puts her to shame (she also still works full time and cares for her husband who has Alzheimers) and secondly she didn’t want her to run another race by herself with the danger (and the memory) of the mental confusion caused by lack of glucose that running can bring on.  So, Tracy committed to running The Murfreesboro Half Marathon with her this year!

Tracy isn’t a natural runner and the training has not been easy for her but she’s been running buddies with her mum from the first step.  They have checked up on progress on every run and at the weekends they have scheduled their runs so that they run at exactly the same time, albeit a huge ocean apart!

As the manager of a children’s nursery, Tracy’s mum brought to her attention a children’s disease that most of us are completely unaware of.  Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy is contracted in the womb, mostly affecting boys although rarely some girls.  By the time the child is 12 he is in a wheelchair and he will die in his early to mid-twenties.  No exceptions, no cure, no remission, no hope – this horrible condition is, currently, 100% fatal.  It is heart breaking to think that, whilst their friends muscles grow and develop, theirs waste away; whilst their friends are out playing football the best they can do is watch from the side lines and whilst their friends are out dancing and chatting up girls they are facing imminent death.

So, Tracy is running to raise funds for Duchenne MD Trust and committed to putting 100% of donations towards research for a cure.  Which is where, she’s hoping, people reading this will come in, if you can sponsor Tracy please contact her on 07843 055465 or [email protected] or head to the JustGiving page

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