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26 Nov 2018

In recent years mobile apps have steadily become a key part of our everyday lives, used for everything from checking social media to the weather. I Love Bramhall met up with MyBuzz Technologies founder Chris Pimlott to find out more about app creation and how these tech advances are improving the everyday for individuals and businesses.

Chris moved to Bramhall five years ago after a few years of city living, drawn by our pleasant village’s peaceful atmosphere and great local amenities. He loves the village’s friendly and supportive community, as well as the variety of amenities right on his doorstep – not least the lovely cafes and bars.


After 15 years’ working for top tech companies in the North, Chris decided to create a business of his own. He’s a quick learner and loves a challenge; MyBuzz Technologies gave Chris the freedom to explore and develop his skills and the business has been a growing success ever since.

Since its humble beginnings in Chris’ own home, MyBuzz Technologies has gone from strength to strength and now employs two additional members of staff – Ben and Matt. The company’s growth prompted a move to dedicated offices in Stockport Business and Innovation Centre, then into Manchester City Centre, which the talented trio now work out of.


The company is committed to pre-mentoring people who are finding their feet in the software engineering field and helping them develop skills excellence. Clearly, their efforts are paying off – while many of MyBuzz Technologies’ clients are local, the company’s reputation is such that people travel from as far as Devon to have a chat with Chris and his team about their app ideas.

A true people person, Chris enjoys working with clients to help them visualise and realise their goals of creating their own app. If a client has an idea, MyBuzz Technologies offers the guidance, knowledge and support they need to achieve it.

Chris puts his skills to work by volunteering as a mentor for the Tech Manchester community, where he helps software entrepreneurs bring their app design ideas to fruition. He has also inspired students at local colleges through career advice talks and is a technical advisor for several small companies.

Inspired by the shift working experiences of Chris’ brother-in-law, who worked at Manchester Airport, MyBuzz Technologies saw the need for a simple and organised way to plan and schedule shifts. Rather than fumbling around with a printed out calendar, the company wanted to give people an easier way to organise their shifts and achieve a better work/life balance.


From this, MyShiftPlanner was born – an app for iPhone and Android which automatically calculates and colour-codes your shift pattern rota. The app has now climbed to the top ranks of the App Store and its success speaks for itself – MyShiftPlanner has helped around 190,000 individuals to organise their work shifts.


Big things are expected to happen as the company continues to grow. MyBuzz Technologies is constantly adapting to the fast-paced world of technology and is currently building great new app products – yet they always manage to maintain a personal connection with their clients.

There is much more to mobile app development than is perhaps obvious on the surface – in order to create a really useful and enjoyable experience, the developer has to really understand how people think. MyBuzz Technologies knows that communication is key – in particular, the importance of providing exceptional quality customer support and actively engaging with users for their feedback, for which they’re highly praised.

MyBuzz Technologies is living proof that mobile apps can make a real difference. The team is always excited to work with clients to discuss and develop new ideas, so if you’ve got one, why not get in touch to arrange a consultation?

To speak to a member of the team or keep up to date with MyBuzz Technologies, check out the links below:



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