Napa to reopen as YardBird

15 Sep 2016

We all know and love Napa in Bramhall don’t we? Well get ready to love them even more, as they’re having a huge rebrand and refurbishment of their premises!

You’ll have also noticed that they closed on the 12th of September, but fear not, as they will be reopening as YARDBIRD in the week commencing 10th October! How exciting!

So, what will be changing? First thing’s first – NOT the ownership! Ryland and Judith will still be running the ship with Andy, Chris and Louise as management. This is the first bit of good news because it means that the 1st class customer service levels will remain.


Yardbird mood board

A big change will be the oven that the kitchen uses for all of its food. It’s now going to be a wood fired oven, bringing out all of those rich, smoky flavours in our meat that is demanded so highly in today’s day and age – something that Ryland (and I Love Bramhall!) is extremely excited about

On one part of the wall you’ll find reclaimed Portuguese beer barrels, on another you’ll see a selection of wines behind a glass frame. The bar is being extended (great news!), the entrance is being modified and the colour scheme will be brought all up to date to freshen the place up whilst keeping the same atmosphere we’ve all come to know and love.


YardBird interior idea


YardBird interior idea

Ryland was also VERY excited about the new frontage that Yardbird will host. Napa had an outside area, but Yardbird will have the same area as a glazed in terrace. This doesn’t just allow more seating in the said area but also means that when the sun is out, the windows can fold back to create the outside atmosphere, but when it’s ‘inside weather’ they can be closed and everyone stays warm and dry! Excellent!

The Christmas menu is already out if you fancy it this year. A fine selection of foods at reasonable prices and at the newest ‘place to be’ in Bramhall – what more could you want?

You may be thinking reading all of this one simple question – why? Well as we all know, if you aren’t changing you’re just standing still and we need to embrace change and enjoy it while it’s happening. Ryland says the old interior is a bit worn out now after seven years of business and wants to freshen it all up as well as increase the amount of people it can host.

In about a year’s time, Ryland and the team are hoping to have an outside terrace area. Planning permission has already been granted and the plans are well in place – even more exciting news at Nap-… I mean Yardbird!

Keep an eye out on I Love Bramhall’s social media pages for updates on Yardbird’s progress. The caption of the business is a very fitting ‘Urban barbakoa wood fired oven. Fire, smoke and big fat flavours.’ Big fat flavours is exactly what you can expect with this new oven. A brand new bar/eatery with people you’re already comfortable with and a ready-made buzzing atmosphere – you know it’s going to take off, so be one of the first to get involved!


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