I LOVE Nevill Road Junior School – and their New Library!

6 Jun 2022

Fanfare, please… The BRAND-NEW library at Nevill Road Junior School is open. I Love Bramhall was happy to join in the fun of the official opening! 

Nevill Road Junior School Library is OPEN!

The Friends of Nevill Road Schools, staff, parents, pupils and local businesses have stepped up to make this happen. Everyone’s put their all into providing a bright, airy and welcoming space full of inspiring and inviting books. The strikingly hand-painted Dr Seuss quote implies is spot on. Books really do feed your brain AND your imagination.

“The more you read, the more you’ll know. The more you learn, the more places you will go.”

Moreover, as we pointed out in our World Book Day article, extensive research shows that reading for pleasure “is the biggest indicator of a child’s future success – even more than their circumstances.”

Reading is BRILLIANT and libraries are NOT luxuries. Thankfully, everyone involved at Nevill Road Junior School gets that.

neville road junior school library

The new library at Neville Road Junior School


A Joint Effort

A whole lot of hard work and sterling effort went into creating the new library. The tireless volunteers of the Nevill Road PTA raised around £10,000. That would be no mean feat at any time and harder than ever with lockdowns and restrictions. As one PTA member put it, “Covid kiboshed everything.” Local businesses helped, which makes an immense difference. After all, they’ve had a tough time, too, so that was very much appreciated. There’s yet another reason to support local businesses.

Parents and children took part in a book swap, after which all the spares were donated to the library. Parents and local people – and children – gave hands-on help, too – this has been a real community project, and genuine joint achievement. Everyone should be enormously proud.

nevill road student

A student enjoying a book in the new library

Reading is the Heart of the Curriculum

Likewise, families of the children who helped, and those chosen to be librarians should be proud, too. The children’s love of books and reading, and their evident pride in their new library, really shone out. To the children’s delight, one of their favourite authors, Staffordshire-based Ben Davies, joined them and staff to officially open the new library. 

Joe, of Year 6, earned the honour of cutting the ceremonial ribbon. This was in recognition of his hard work helping to organise the library and encouraging younger children to enjoy reading. The young librarians all talked at length about how much they LOVE their new library and how they’re looking forward to their duties – especially saying ‘SHHHHHH’!

One of the year 6 boys, when asked what the best part of the library was answered fervently, “the BOOKS! Books are AWESOME” This was wonderful to hear, as year 6 boys aren’t often renowned for their love of reading – something Nevill Road Juniors work hard to address. Reading forms part of everything in the wider curriculum, indeed, as Headteacher Judi Cliff points out, “reading is the very heart of the curriculum.”

Nevill Road – a Community School and a Happy School

After the excitement of the library opening and Ben’s visit, ILB caught up with Mrs Cliff to hear all about Nevill Road Junior School. It’s clear as soon as the doors open that this is a happy, welcoming school. Serving a large, residential part of Bramhall, yet some way from the village, there’s a real community feel that everyone at the school works to nurture. There’s a holistic approach to education – it’s not JUST the three Rs. Nevill Road gives the chance to shine in all areas of the curriculum – whether that’s academically, in sport or the arts. They recognise and celebrate every skill and every achievement.

Kindness is encouraged, always, and pupils’ mental well-being is paramount. To achieve this, communication is key and so parents are happy to be involved; to be part of their children’s precious school days.

ben davies at nevill road

Staffordshire-based author Ben Davies visited the school for the opening of the new library


An Exciting Future at Nevill Road

These endeavours stood children, staff, parents and the wider school community in good stead throughout the uncertain pandemic months. Students were all gifted a Nevill Road teddy and received ‘miss you’ postcards from staff. Children proudly shared photos of their work and activities. Learning at home was the perfect opportunity to show the significance of books and reading. Mrs Cliff glows with visible pride as she points out that EVERYONE “did their absolute best.” She’s clearly – and justifiably – enormously proud of her team and her students.

The future at Nevill Road Juniors is every bit as bright as the library. The management team is excited to empower subject leaders and upskill staff, in order to enrich the education and development of Nevill Road’s pupils. If your child attends Nevill Road Juniors, you can be sure they’re not just in the very best library, but also the very best hands.

nevill road plaque

A plaque commemorating the opening of the new library




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