A new Bramhall business in bloom: Flowerap

8 Dec 2020

Fragrant fresh flowers, beautifully packaged, really do make the perfect gift for any occasion. Brand new Bramhall business Flowerap specialises in creating gift box-bags for fresh cut flowers and selected plants, designed to complement any bouquet, giving gifts that extra-special finishing touch.

The brainchild of local lady Arpana Hathi, Flowerap launched about six weeks ago and is already seeing success locally. Arpana says the idea first came to her in 2016, but a busy career in events meant she wasn’t able to devote her full attention to the project until recently. 

Despite being such a young business, Flowerap has already made it to the shelves of local florists Lily & Ivy in Cheadle and Gresty’s, as well as Nisa. Have a look next time you pop in for a bouquet, or alternatively, buy online directly from the Flowerap website – it’s worth stocking up so you’ve always got a flower box-bag to hand for those impromptu gifts. 

Even better – if you’re local, and order a minimum of three boxes over the next eight weeks, then Flowerap will drop off your order for free, saving you the £3.52 shipping cost. Use coupon code YPUPMEAY to claim your free shipping.

Living locally by Bramhall Park with her husband and three daughters, Arpana came to England in 1971 from Uganda. Aged just three when she arrived with her parents, Arpana grew up in London, later moving up to Leeds to be with her now-husband.

Her story isn’t one of privilege or high-class education – instead, it’s an example of how far it’s possible to go without following traditional routes. Arpana didn’t go to university, instead working in various admin jobs until an opportunity arose to go into the events industry and learn under a mentor, which she grabbed with both hands and quickly rose in the ranks of the business.

It was a defining moment in her career, giving Arpana the opportunity to travel the world – an education in itself, and something that no university could have provided. In her true entrepreneurial style, she quickly set up her own events business Ingenium 25 years ago, specialising in the dental and pharma sectors, and freelanced on the side to ensure her knowledge was always ahead of the curve. 

Come March 2020, Covid-19 hit, and the events industry was floored. Gone was all the work and the regular gigs Arpana had secured for herself. With lots of free time now on her hands, she decided that now was the moment to give Ingenium a little less attention during this quiet spell and focus instead on Flowerap – the idea she’d put on the backburner for all these years. 

So, she went back to the designs she’d begun working on and created a range of beautiful flower box-bag packaging, inspired by her own experiences when buying flowers as gifts. 

We’ve all been there: choosing a lovely bouquet for someone special but feeling that it just needs that something extra to set it off. Something that won’t detract from the flowers’ beauty but that transforms a bouquet into a gift. Something that’s easy to carry, makes transportation convenient, and that delights the recipient. Well, that something is Flowerap.

Think of the bottle bag but for flowers & plants. Flowerap’s box-bags come in a variety of designs – and in different sizes, too.
Flower box-bags from Flowerap are simple yet elegant, recyclable, and come with a drip tray so they can be used again without getting a soggy bottom.

It’s our prediction that Flowerap will come up roses – let’s show one of our newest Bramhall businesses some much-needed support this Small Business week! All the information you need to find out more is below:

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