New Faces, New Website from Bramhall Park Physiotherapy Clinic

3 May 2019

Bramhall Park Physiotherapy Clinic on Fir Road has been relieving residents’ aches and pains for over a decade. I Love Bramhall met up with owner Julie Davidson to find out more about how the team works its magic on tender muscles and bad backs.

Julie, who is originally from London, opened up the physiotherapy practice over fifteen years ago having completed her training in Salford. She loves working so near the village, especially our many restaurants and cafes, having just enjoyed a delicious lunch at Juniper Cafe before our meetup.

julie davidson - bramhall park physio

The purpose-built clinic is conveniently open seven days a week and offers free parking. Whilst the majority of the loyal customers live in Bramhall and nearby Wilmslow and Cheadle Hulme, people have travelled from as far away as Northumberland and Birmingham and recently even Poland to rid themselves of aches and pains at the renowned physiotherapy clinic.

The light and airy clinic, with funny physio cartoons on the walls and magazines on the tables, is sure to put your mind at ease. Julie and her team greet customers with friendliness and professionalism, and are only ever a phone call away to answer any queries.

Quite a lot has changed at Bramhall Park Physiotherapy Clinic since I Love Bramhall last met up with Julie. New faces – Clodagh Wilson and Dr Sharon Braddock – have joined Julie and Sally, and the range of treatments on offer has similarly grown.

julie davidson - bramhall park physio

Julie specialises in headache and migraine relief, offering solutions to problems she suffered from herself for much of her life. Dr Sharon and Clodagh are spinal specialists. Sally is a paediatric specialist and Bowen practitioner Hillary is also trained to relieve lymphedema symptoms.

Dr Sharon can prescribe and deliver joint injections. One of the treatments available is injectable Ostenil, which is not available on the NHS. When administered into the joint, the solution mimics natural fluid to lubricate the cartilage, easing the pain and disability of osteo-arthritis.

With the addition of Clodagh and Dr. Sharon Julie felt it was time for a revamp of the website which has just gone live. ‘We are very excited to see our new website up and running and have received fantastic feedback’ said Julie.

julie davidson - bramhall park physio

The clinic treats people of all ages and offers paediatric care, too. Julie notes that the injuries seen by the team tend to be seasonal, from aches and pains following a half-marathon in spring or a fall on winter ice, to injuries in children having climbed a tree on a sunny day and slipped.

With the golf season and running season well under way the physios have been busy helping people who have gone to the driving range and hit one too many balls or have played several rounds of golf, typically causing a back injury. The advice and message is, allow rest days between rounds of golf and take your time at the range. You don’t need to hit 100 balls in an hour!!

julie davidson - bramhall park physio

Excellent rehabilitation for older people with mobility problems is available Bramhall Park Physiotherapy Clinic. However, as prevention is always better than cure, Julie advises anybody at risk of a fall to practise balance at home and evaluate whether things such as rugs and furniture are ‘trip risks’. Much of this type of rehabilitation is done in the person’s home to facilitate safe, independent living.

Julie enjoys going out for a run whenever she has a break in her schedule. She encourages being active in any way possible – and with the clinic’s handy location a short walk from Bramhall Park, what better way to make a start than with a stroll around the park?

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