Penny Silver – Blossom Social Media

6 Jan 2014

Penny proves that understanding Social Media can work wonders for your business – and sometimes can bring some unexpected surprises.

Penny is a gorgeous single mum of two girls and is a true Bramhall girl, raised in the village. The daughter of Greg Marshall, Associate Dentist at Bramcote the former Business Development Manager for Gusto now runs her own company Blossom Social Media where she either teaches her clients how to maximise the potential in utilising Social Media or provides an outsourced Social Media service to enhance the exposure of their businesses.

We asked Penny to explain how she created her own business

“Well I had been working at Gusto as their Business Development Manager and I had to think of creative ways to bring in new customers and expand the business so I taught myself all about Social Media and used it in my day to day work.  I organised lots of events so it is a fabulous tool to highlight what’s going on and word spreads much more quickly than using traditional methods.  I then reached the stage where I thought I could do this for lots of companies myself and set up Blossom”

We heard you had a nice surprise whilst using Social Media?

“Obviously with my job I spend a lot of time on the Social Media Channels and I entered into a competition on Facebook for Bonus Sapor Magazine to become one of the cover girls for the December Edition and I won!  It was a very enjoyable day; we went to Cloud 23 at the Hilton in Manchester and were treated to professional hair and makeup whilst modeling fabulous clothes from Harvey Nichols.”

What do you do for fun?

“Juggling my business with raising two girls is always a challenge but the one thing I love to do is to make cakes. I very often am involved in organising events for clients as and my passion for baking takes over so I now make cakes for all sorts of special occasions and celebrations including weddings and birthdays.”

So if you’re struggling to get your head round how to promote your business better using Social Media Channels Penny can teach you how to do it or do it for you – and if you’ve got a special occasion coming up she’ll even make you a cake!

Penny can be contacted here : [email protected] 


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