Pete Boxall – 1st Bramhall Scout Group

6 Nov 2013

There’s no smoke without fire in Peter Boxall’s life whose mission for scouting took him to a Cumbrian bootcamp, lighting fires from flint with Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.

Bramhall boasts the most established Scout group in the district, the 1st Bramhall Scout Group which, founded in 1909, is dedicated to providing high quality scouting to young people who live locally, regardless of background or ability.

Passionate about the Scouting movement, Pete leads the 1st Bramhall Scout Group. In fact his whole family are involved. Married with three girls, Peter’s wife, Lisa, is a Beaver leader and his three girls are all active member of Scouts, Cubs and Beavers.

When he is not travelling around the UK and Europe, managing teams who fix aircraft, Pete ploughs his spare time into leading the group, providing opportunities for youngsters in Bramhall and when he’s not doing that, he’s brushing shoulders with Royalty on boot camp! Pete found himself on Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge’s team on a Scout bonding day last year. Watch Pete’s appearance on ITV news alongside Kate here.

“It was brilliant to work alongside Kate – she is clearly committed to the Scout movement! Despite being in the early stages of pregnancy she threw herself into our group activities which were physically hard for all of us. Her commitment to the Scouts works wonders in raising our profile and attracting more young people to get involved.”

“I have many amazing memories over the years both as a Scout as well as helping lead, ranging from learning to sail and rock climb, to playing a key role in Bramhall’s festival which involved running a live game of Monopoly around the village!”

“I used to be a Scout and got involved as a leader a couple of years back following the Bramhall Festival when my daughter was involved in the parade. She had so much fun being part of a community activity, that she joined Scouts, and I joined along with her as a leader. I just don’t think you can beat the scouting movement – there’s almost no limit to the range of activities and visits Scouts have the chance to experience. We take our Scouts wherever the action is; the latest visit was to Tokyo at the end of July to join in the Japanese Gymboree which was unforgettable”

“My personal vision is that we prepare our young people to be good citizens with a sense of belonging and ownership around the place they live. The pride that is instilled within every Scout is reflected within their daily lives, and we have seen real impact in Bramhall from our movement.”

“You can’t beat Scouts; in that it not only provides activities that keep young people occupied and focused, but the skills learned are invaluable in paving the way for employment combined with the necessary life skills required to perform successfully.”

1st Bramhall Sections meet in the Scout Hall, which is located behind Bramhall Library near the centre of the village where the group has an excellent range of equipment including two minibuses, canoes and its own climbing wall; and is led by a well trained and experienced team of volunteers.

Pete concluded: “We are always looking for more help, even if this is only occasionally, so that we can bring the benefits of Scouting to even more young people. We are almost the victim of our own success with more young people than Scout places now so please get in touch if you can volunteer your time, as I believe every young person should have the chance to enjoy what we have to offer in Bramhall.”

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