Phlok is live in Bramhall and surrounding area

28 Oct 2014

Shop Local and collect Phlok points, worth real money! It’s a social network that makes ‘shop local’ make sense.  

  • Collect Phlok points by following, checking in and shopping at local businesses
  • Turn your points into real cash to spend at any app location
  • Enjoy the benefits of Phlok and have fun supporting your community

Phlok is a digital currency worth real money encourages connections between local independent businesses and your community, creating more visibility for local businesses and incentivises consumers to shop local more often.

Points can be collected and spent with any business on Phlok.

Download the app or on the web at

Watch and learn more about Phlok here on Sky news

Business on board so far..and more coming on every day

If you are a local business that would like more information please email [email protected]

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