What is Phlok?

11 Sep 2014

Phlok is a social network that makes ‘shop local’ make sense.  Coming to Bramhall soon so you can save whilst you spend!

Digital currency worth real money encourages connections between local independent businesses and your community, creating more visibility for local businesses and incentivises consumers to shop local more often.

Phlok points can be collected and spent with any business on Phlok in any town. When points are collected, the consumer broadcasts their activity with the donating business on the Phlok network (and other social networks).

When the customer spends phlok points (again broadcasting this activity) Phlok pays the receiving business cash to the value of the points spent. The business then gets paid in full for its item or service while the customer gets it for free.

How to use Phlok

As a Consumer:

Collect phlok points by following, checking in or purchasing with participating businesses using the Phlok app or on the web at phlok.com.

Spend points using Phlok’s digital wallet in store (a digital wallet that fills with free money)

As a Business:

Automatically build a database of local people that may or may not have shopped with you previously and have the ability to market to them personally and privately.

Promote your services or products to your local Phlok community.

Create consistent brand awareness through your customers Phlok activities.

Reduce credit card fees when customers Pay with Phlok.

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