Pizza in Public Market

29 Jan 2016

I Love Cheadle Hulme and I Love Bramhall spent an evening – discussing work, naturally. Honest – at the recently opened Public Market bar and restaurant in Bramhall. On the site of the old Beluga, Public Market has big shoes to fill but we’re glad to report that owner, the respected and experienced restaurateur Ged Lynch, has done just that.

It would have been easy just to take over the building, perhaps rebrand a little, and then just carry on much as before, but really, Bramhall needed something new and different and Public Market definitely fits that bill.

From opening the door into the cool, edgy and almost industrial interior the experience is unlike anything else locally, but the welcome and service are as good as you’d hope. Spacious, comfortable and airy, seats and tables aren’t crammed in so there’s plenty of room to move around the space. Other visitors were a mix of diners and drinkers, and this is a place where you’d be perfectly happy doing either.

Public Market

Adrian was our solicitous, knowledgeable and very, very personable guide for the evening and so, after taking delivery of a deliciously crisp Sauvignon Blanc, we were happy to accept his recommendation for an appetiser – and boy, were we glad we did. The sweet potato wedges with a moreish hint of piquant lime and chilli were nothing short of tongue-tinglingly amazing.  Onto the mains, and the menu consists mainly of pizzas, done in Public Market’s showpiece, craftsman-made, wood-fired oven (and we kid you not, they take 90 seconds in there. It’s almost a form of entertainment in itself.) with a few baked pasta dishes and sides (although there’s also a comprehensive breakfast menu. It’s a safe bet we’ll be back to try that, too…) Owner Ged caught up with us for a chat as we were deliberating over the mouth-watering pizza choices, and explained that Public Market is still in its infancy – he’s about to embark on creating 110 more spaces outside, covered with a retractable roof and warmed by underfloor heating, fired from that magnificent oven. There will also be another oven outside. This will allow him to extend the bar area – where all the food prep and cooking is done – to include a salad bar, for fresh daily salads, and a deli counter for sharing platters.

Public MarketBack to the main event, though. Those pizzas. Take everything you though you knew about deep, bready pizzas, overloaded with greasy toppings, and file it under ‘not proper pizza’. THIS was proper pizza, in the authentic Neapolitan tradition – as crisp and fresh as you can imagine, on freshly hand-made sour-dough, with delicate toppings absolutely full of flavour. The sourdough bases are made of the highest quality flour, and also contain less gluten (many people who don’t tolerate wheat well often find this sort of pizza base a revelation).  We chose one with Portobello mushrooms and truffle oil, and one sobrassada (a sort of crumbly, cured Balearic sausage) and both were absolutely delicious.

With anything so very new and different, there are always going to be those who just don’t ‘get it’, but we can safely say there was absolutely nothing not to like. In fact, the only thing we would’ve changed is that we didn’t leave room to sample the divine-sounding desserts – cookie dough or Nutella doughnut, anyone? – or artisan cakes. Ged and his team – as well as Adrian, we also met the lovely Lucy and pizza aficionado Rick – are doing a cracking job. Please visit their wonderful restaurant in Bramhall!

Visit : 26 Bramhall Lane South, Bramhall, SK7 1AL

Phone : 0161 439 8080


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