Rattle and Roll launch Mindfulness and Yoga in schools

22 Jan 2018

 Rattle and Roll launch Mindfulness and Yoga in schools to help young people’s wellbeing

1 in 10 children suffers from mental health. This is astonishing. 10% of our young people are struggling in some way. Struggling with anxiety; stress; worry brought on by everyday experiences and events.

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At Rattle and Roll, they are passionate about healthy bodies and healthy minds and have designed a course for young people with a focus on wellbeing at its core.

‘With the spotlight on mental health, we wanted to offer schools something that would benefit children both physically and mentally’ said Nicky Pearce, Founder of Rattle and Roll, who has developed this programme together with a team of experts in the field.

‘The Government’s recent Green Paper on Mental Health lays out clear responsibilities for schools in the future in this area and we wanted to devise something that they could start using now’.

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The course teaches young people life-long skills and techniques that aim to deliver a sense of calm; happiness and general wellbeing whilst also developing core strength, coordination, stamina, fitness and balance. The aim is to deliver a suite of skills and tools that children can draw upon in everyday life and especially during times of increased stress or pressure.

Each session involves three key factors:

  1. Breathing and Body
  2. Listening
  3. Moving

Programmes are tailored according to age – Infants; Juniors; and Secondary. Early indications from schools who have started the 6-week programme that it is having a positive impact on the children and in the classroom.

rattle and roll

In an ever-increasing environment of stimuli (electronics; TVs; games; consoles; phones etc), this course introduces a new way to focus and find calm whilst keeping fit.

And it’s not just the children we are thinking about – we also deliver the sessions to staff on INSET days and twilight after-school sessions.

To find out more contact Katy at [email protected]

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