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6 Feb 2014

Scot Hindley is based in Bramhall and we caught up with him to talk about his unique approach to interior painting and decorating.

‘My approach to painting and decorating will differ to most decorators. I believe that the industry is moving at such a rate and I like to keep one step ahead of the pack. The shift from 2010 onwards is like nothing the painting industry has seen in our life-time and I’m loving the pace of movement. It keeps the brain ticking over and for me the successful decorator is now the thinking decorator, a philosophy shared by my colleagues at Traditional Painter, where I am the TP Associate Painter and Decorator for Cheshire.

In 2006 European legislation had specified that ALL paints have to have a reduction of volatile organic compounds (VOC) within their paint by 2010.  The paint industry complied but failed to get it right. The reduction affected Emulsions and oil based paints.  There are companies that got it right in emulsions but the oils which we use on woodwork (trim) failed miserably. Undercoats are now taking up and over 48hrs to dry and the gloss (white’s) have increased yellowing ten fold.

New product improvement is something I am always on the look out for. As a firm believer of investment in industry leading equipment not only produces the highest standards in decorating, but also improves productivity thus reducing labour costs. Maximum productivity equates minimum costs at the highest standards.

Flooring Protection

When sheeting up over Hardwood floors I like to use lining paper as dust sheets slide and can become dangerous to the client.  The paper is stuck down with 3m blue scotch tape which is a 14 day tape. The paper then stays put and protects your floor 100%.

For Carpet protection I still use drop cloth/dust sheet, these can be left in situ for the duration of the project or removed each evening and then hoovered carpets after removal.

The Early Stages: The Walls and Ceilings

The preparation of the surfaces is my first step in order to achieve first class results.  There is not a paint in the world is going to hide bad preparation. In order to give your walls and ceilings the best possible finish they will be first sanded down and rid of all defects. With investment into dustless sanding the dust off is brought down to minimum so you can  rest assured that the rest of your home will be fine to carry on your day to day activities

The sanded walls then give a perfect base to fill out any imperfections and cracks that are present. Then the Festool dustless sander is used to smooth out filler completely flush of the walls and ceilings ensuring a smooth finish for paint application.

I will then paint the ceilings out.  This is done now because if there is fall out off the spray  or roller application, then this would be sanded off at the woodwork stage.

Woodwork. Doors windows and Trim

All woodwork as standard is sanded again with the dustless sanding machine which ensures a thorough prep. I Like to specify premium acrylic paint for interior. I have researched all of the current trade acrylics and designer acrylics and you can be confident that the products recommended will be hard wearing and provide a lovely finish with the brushes i use. An investment in the correct brushes are vital for a professional finish.

Any defects are filled flush and  gaps are filled and normally 3 coats of paint applied.


The walls are already prepped as above and are now ready for paint.  The paint as is the woodwork a  is a matter of choice. Below are the finishes  that I recommend.

Flat Matt: A Flat finish to the walls intended to give a rich look to the colour, it also hides out imperfections

Vinyl Matt: A matt but not as close as flat as some like, due to the vinyl content.

Acrylic Matt: Close to a flat matt but harder wearing.

Acrylic Eggshell: In acrylic this does give a sheen but more like a vinyl matt.

Soft sheen:  An in between of a high sheen and low sheen.

If you have any questions about products or have any queries regarding your project or home then please ask, I am happy to help. “

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