September Storm hits Bramhall

13 Sep 2016

Heavy rain causes bibical flooding in Bramhall on Tuesday evening 13 September 2016.

Bramhall was enjoying an unusually warm day for September, blues skies and temperatures reaching over 25 degrees, at around 6pm the day turned into night. Very quickly we were gripped by a major thunder storm, with heavy rainfall that affected businesses, shops, homes, roads and the trains were suspended.

Bramhall Lane South was hit particularly bad and suddenly the centre of Bramhall had a river running through it. Bramhall Green roundabout and under the railway bridges saw cars getting stranded.

View the video here thanks to Sue from Modiste, Ed from Ed’s Hair and Charlotte from Costa Coffee for the footage.

Current reports are that the following businesses have been affected some greater than others

We are appealing to the local community to support these businesses whilst the clear up operation begins, some of them will be open for business as usual some may take a few days.

Here’s a selection of photos we have gathered over the evening from social media posts. If you have any images or more information we can share, please get in touch with Wendy [email protected]

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