Heroic Stopfordian Security Guard Steps In To Save Petrified girl

30 Nov 2020

Stopfordian officer shows bravery and hailed a hero following knife attack. Josh Ramm, whilst on duty, was called to action, resulting in him disarming a male who had a knife held to the neck of a restaurant worker, explaining how he was ‘out of options’ and “had to kill her”.

Josh mastered the art of Judo during his youth within Team GB and is now recognised as a freestyle and international champion.

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Fearlessness and physical prowess is one thing, but it was compassion and understanding that won the day. With a father who works as a senior police officer and a mother who is a children’s clinical leader, Josh’s parents have undoubtedly taught him some invaluable skills.

Stopfordian and West Valley are responsible for the safety and security of thousands of people across the Heart of Cheshire. Our vetting procedures go ‘above and beyond,’ as do our training in threat neutralisation and conflict resolution.

John Ramm

It makes us very pleased indeed, when those things come together, to deliver an outcome such as this. He’s done himself and us all (parents, company and clients), proud.  Your security provider is the only company capable of securing clients’ safety, when they are out and about, throughout the Heart of Cheshire.

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There is never a cost for any type of callouts be it emergency or otherwise; and we are there for you and yours should you even think you may be in danger. So don’t hesitate to call.

A number of people have put Josh forward for a Pride Of Britain Award, if you think he is worthy of such an accolade, please lend your support by clicking this link.


If you want keep your home safe, Stopfordian have shared some of their top tips of steps you can take. Have a read of our other article covering their advice!

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