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22 Dec 2016

As reported in the MEN, Bramhall and Cheadle Hulme have had 252 burglaries over the last 19 days. That’s a massive 13 break-ins per day with burglars taking keys and driving off in expensive cars, many of the break-ins in broad day light.

Police have acknowledged the ‘major trend’ and have given advice. We spoke to Laura from Stopfordian to find out what they are advising their clients.


“When we sign a client up we complete a full free of charge security review, it is not just about putting a set of signs up and hoping for the best.
All too often people only set their alarm when they go out, believing that when they are in the house there is no need; burglars take advantage of this.
We advise our clients to have a setting on their alarm which means that during the day they can set their windows and doors and should someone try to sneak in, we would receive the activation and respond.
We don’t sell alarm systems but because we respond to them we are perfectly placed to give the best advice. The technology for alarm systems is amazing nowadays and extremely cost effective. We ensure we get alerted instantly should there be an intruder and respond within our average of 5 minutes. We have now increased our presence with 9 live vehicles supported by our live 20 man response team covering a 10 mile radius.
We advise our clients to call us to report any suspicious activity so we can respond and engage to deter from the outset.”

A few simple questions to have in mind;

1. How are you securing your family during the day/evening whilst you are in the house?
2. What happens when your alarm is activated?”

Laura does a lot of work within the community and provides free security consultations.

Stopfordian-WestValley-Laura White
Laura’s Top Tips

– Get an alarm system that not only has a setting for when you leave the house but also when you are in the house.
– For when it is not possible to set your alarm ensure you have wireless panic buttons strategically placed in every room of the house. You can have a master blaster siren linked to these panic buttons which are designed to disorientate the intruder. You would be surprised how many actual house invasions there are (See GMP stats).
– Get security lighting that illuminates all access points and has motion detectors
– Don’t just get cameras that are view only, add detectors that will make you aware if someone enters the grounds
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