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30 Jun 2016

Meet Laura White a truly modern executive and the leading light in this well-established local security powerhouse!

Laura has been working with a team of project managers on developing and expanding Stopfordian/West Valley since 2013 and is truly a driving force within the firms.  So let’s find out how they have become a British first …

Stopfordian and West Valley are the largest providers of security across the ‘Heart of Cheshire’.  They are the only security Company in the UK to not only respond to the shell of the building but also and more importantly the people. They respond to emergency and non-emergency incidents alike when the client is at work, at home and everywhere in between anywhere within the specific radius of the Heart of Cheshire.

Stopfordian-WestValley-Laura White

Laura White

Laura explained

‘We provide our service to a huge range of clients from  2 bed terraces, large mansions, small businesses, large businesses, restaurants, hotels, bars, schools, car sales and constructions sites.  As long as the venue has an effective alarm/camera system in place to alert us to a potential incident or intruder, we can provide the service.’

In 2014 Stopfordian formed a strategic partnership with West Valley, a business with over 20 year’s experience providing security services in the industry.  They now work together from one central 24/7 control room to protect their collective clients at work, at home and everywhere in between.

Laura managed the implementation of the infrastructures over the last 3 years, Stopfordian/West Valley had a vision to forgo short term profits in order to build a successful, efficient, customer facing business which truly provides an unrivalled service for its clients.

They were the first security companies in the UK to pass product certification for alarm response and key-holding services and have gained the highest level pass for 3 years running.

Stopfordian-WestValley Their fastidious approach to even seemingly small parts of the job meant that all aspects of the company were looked into, considered and improved.  For example, stringent key-holding procedures ensure the safety of client’s venues. Screening and vetting procedures are beneficial as we are able to verify that our staff are of the highest quality,’

Along with the highly rated compliance the company has ascertained the best technology, and implemented robust infrastructures.

They built a 24/7 control room 2 years ago, this enabled them to have one central hub and changed the dynamics of the whole Company. Following a worldwide search for the latest and best technology, they have employed a system utilised by the American Emergency Services and to top that off it is manned by UK ex-servicemen and UK ex-emergency services personnel.


24/7 Control Room

Concentrating on a specific 10 mile radius, with an unbelievable 20 man response team, they not only know the area inside out but live in it too. This allows them to ensure an average 5 minute response time.

Their officers are sought from the local community and handpicked for their professionalism and integrity.  It is vital that the officers we employ live in the area, as they have to be on standby when not on shift.  They are family men, from ex-military personnel to local rugby stars; who actively engage with local charity work within the community.  Our officers are the best paid in the industry and are proud to put on their jacket.

Laura says that

During my 10 years as a manager at John Lewis I learnt look after your staff and they will look after the clients, the staff receive employment packages including healthcare, gym memberships and bonuses that leave would-be rivals unable to compete’

 The company has a team of in excess of 50 people focussing on ensuring their client’s safety, from officers to project managers who are constantly developing new and innovative ways to keep clients safe.

‘Unfortunately people are usually reactive rather than proactive when it comes to security.  They know they should be doing something about their security however the most common phrase is ‘I have so many other priorities’.  The majority of the call-ins we get are from people that have experienced a burglary and want to stop it from happening again. We have learnt from each one and are able to offer the best advice with regards to systems, deterrents and response.’

Stopfordian and West Valley are not the type of company that puts a sign up and hopes for the best.

‘When I meet with prospective client, whether it be a school or a residential I ensure we cover every aspect of their security needs.  I see it as a project… there is no point in gaining the services of a response Company unless you have an effective alert and you utilise it correctly. And of course there’s no point in having an effective alarm without someone being able to respond in a timely and effective manner.’

Stopfordian-WestValleyWhat Does The Future Hold?

With the cuts that the police face nowadays, more and more people are turning to our solution.

They have 6 cars live 24/7 and additional motorbikes that are deployed in rush hour to maintain response times; This allows us to be the eyes and ears on the ground, watching what is happening in the area’

One of Stopfordian and West Valley’s proudest achievements was to be able to assist with the opening of the ‘Cheshire’s Children’ charity last year.

The charity targets children on the path to criminality that are from the neglected areas of Cheshire.  Cheshire’s Children has an in-depth understanding of the issues faced in these areas; therefore we are ideally placed to make the connection with those others would consider ‘hard-to-reach.

Over the last few years Stopfordian and West Valley have proved that they are true British First and that they can achieve that which no-one else can. With their fore thought and tenacity they are encouraging more and more people to take their security seriously.

Laura is happy to provide a no obligation consultation so that those who have decided to take their security seriously can make an informed decision.

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