Stuart Gerrard from Dzinr talks about his love for Bramhall

6 Nov 2013

Founder of Bramhall-based digital / creative design agency Dzinr, Stuart Gerrard has chosen this historic and leafy Cheshire suburb to work, rest and play for most of his life.

Did you grow up in Bramhall?
I did – I spent most of my childhood here, including schooling at Moss Hey Primary and Bramhall High, followed by two years in the Sixth Form college at Bramhall High, shortly before it shut up shop.

Have you lived anywhere else?
Yes, after completing a business degree at Leicester University, I lived in Northamptonshire, then moved to work for IBM in and around Hampshire.

Shortly afterwards, I spent some time living in Zimbabwe, as my family had business in Southern Africa. On the verge of cashing in my UK chips and emigrating to a great lifestyle with an amazingly low cost of living, fate intervened in the shape of the now infamous political troubles and I quickly returned home to Bramhall.

What do you do for a living?
I specialise in digital and creative design, supported by years of experience in marketing roles, working for companies large and small in Manchester, Wilmslow, Knutsford and latterly founding Bramhall-based digital and creative agency Dzinr. We deliver engaging design and marketing materials, for clients from entrepreneurs to enterprises, across the Northwest, the UK and Worldwide.

How do you spend your leisure time in Bramhall?
Aside from being a bit of a foodie and a regular at Piccolino and Costa, for me it has to be Bramall Hall. Since childhood I’ve always had a fascination of Cheshire’s tudor houses. I married my amazing wife Vanessa in the Great Hall at Bramall Hall, so this place has special meaning and I love to spend some quality time there.

Do you know anyone famous?
Not really. In the wee hours of one Beluga-hosted New Year’s Eve, I tried to befriend local TV personality Yvette Fielding on the dance floor. From a Rioja-fuelled inability to place my familiarity with her from Blue Peter and Most Haunted, I hugged her like an old school pal, which understandably wasn’t exactly reciprocated. If by chance you’re reading this Yvette, I still owe you a sober apology!

How have you seen Bramhall change?
I remember Bramhall being a sleepier village but have welcomed it’s developing café culture, vibrancy and social life, fuelled by a great bunch of people living here. Little wonder it has been voted Britain’s friendliest village.

What do you like best about Bramhall?
Aside from the social life, I’d say it’s the blend of independent shops like Beards butchers (their sausages are exceptionally good) with national chains such as Costa Coffee.

What would you like to see change in Bramhall?
A boutique hotel would be fantastic so that friends and relatives can stay over and experience our fab night life without having to grab a cab at the end of the night.

If you weren’t in Bramhall, where would you be?
Discounting my near miss with Zimbabwe, I’ve often thought Northern Italy would be a nice place to live; great food, great wine, great scenery, nice climate and one of the world’s design epicentres; Lamborghini, Ferrari, Maserati and Bugatti all hail from there.

How do you know of
My company has lovingly designed and built for Wendy Green, following our development of the website for Wendy’s successful local business network, Moxie Mingle. will naturally evolve and mature over the coming months towards the goal of being to go-to online destination, with a little help from our friends, colleagues, neighbours and other businesses in Bramhall.

Why do you love Bramhall?
It is a friendly, well-established community in a great location to mix business, pleasure and family life.

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