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21 Aug 2020

September’s return to school could be particularly stressful for parents and young people. They have missed so much learning and must feel so unprepared for the coming academic year. Supatutors can help with  expert tutoring and additional free services including UCAS, Careers, apprenticeships and exam preparation.

More Than a Tutor

SupaTutors is the new and very different education service, launched across Stockport and Cheshire, for primary, secondary and sixth form students.

Wendy Breakell, Founder

A glance at the website shows a fresh approach. This looks and feels to be so much more than just another tutoring service. Alongside specialised academic support, programmes include:

  • *small group sessions
  • *mock exams and tests with speedy marking and detailed feedback
  • *pastoral support
  • *special needs
  • *support with UCAS and Higher/Degree apprenticeships
  • *career advice
  • *work experience opportunities
  • *pretty much anything else that you would expect from a school or college.

Some of these services are free to those who sign up for their programmes.

Specially Selected Super Tutors

Everyone on the SupaTutors team has been selected based on their experience, specialisms – and the ability to make a real difference by going the extra mile. All of this helps give SupaTutors the edge.

SupaTutors’ founder, Wendy Breakell from Cheadle Hulme, has a wealth of experience in education, spanning twenty five years. She started work at Parrs Wood High School back in the 1980s, and she’s still regularly approached by former pupils. Many remember her as one of their most inspiring teachers! From Parrs Wood, Wendy was promoted into senior leadership roles. First, as Head of Sixth Form, and then into Deputy Headships. She’s also been a GCSE and A-level examiner, and has trained teachers and new entrants into the profession.

Super Values

Wendy’s passion has always been to enable young people to reach their potential. She’s adamant that quality teaching and support is the way to strengthen confidence and self-esteem, and build the motivation students need to succeed.  Wendy is determined that SupaTutors will reflect these values. As well as heading the business, she will be one of the tutors (delivering GCSE and A Level History, as well as the sixth form services). Her decision to create SupaTutors arose from knowing that many tutoring agencies were simply using students and graduates and hearing parents’ dissatisfaction with their experiences.

She explains: “I think it’s essential, as an agency, to have robust quality assurance and to stringently check our tutors. This is something that doesn’t always happen. Some agencies employ students or graduates. They may love their subject but can never be as effective as a qualified and experienced teacher who understands the curriculum and exam process.  All our tutors have a great track record, with the right values and abilities to deliver truly great learning. I know the young person will be getting the best experience possible. Plus we know a student should always be assessed first and the need established, as well as aftercare and follow up. At SupaTutors, that is all part of our service – how else can a session with a tutor really have any meaningful impact?”

All Subjects for All Ages

Wendy wanted to create a company to cover ALL subjects for ALL ages. This makes it easier for a parent with children at different ages to use just one company to meet all their needs. a child can return to the company at different stages to access specialised support. The SupaTutors team of tutors are impressive, covering most subjects up to A-Level, and with experienced examiners too. She is clear on the mission of SupaTutors:

“We stand by the philosophy that we are MORE than a tutoring agency. Our tutors deliver the sessions, but to make that truly effective, the add-on services really boost motivation and confidence. Parents are spending their hard-earned money. We want them to feel true value from their investment with SupaTutors”. She adds: “I know that paying for a tutor can put pressure on a tight family budget. At SupaTutors, we have a wide-ranging pricing structure to ensure maximum impact for the investment made. The small group sessions can be just as effective for some young people but offer a smaller price tag than the one-to-one. But we discuss this properly to align what we do to the needs of your child”.

Want to find out more about this creative and exciting new service? Want a tutor who seems like MORE than a tutor? Contact SupaTutors:

SupaTutors is offering their Supaboost add-on service FREE for September sign-ups.


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