The Roving Gents and The Screwball Rally 2017

25 Sep 2017

Messrs Matt Pimlott and Dave Percy from Urban Design Consult have trimmed themselves in tweed and channelled their inner country gents and have competed the 2017 Screwball Rally!

The Screwball Rally is a roving road trip following a closely guarded secret route, revealed day by day to deter dastardly deeds, inspired by the European Grand Tours of old. However, far from the effortless luxury of that bygone era, teams competing in the Screwball Rally must stay ‘in character’ and nurse a £750 ageing banger across Europe, to raise money for charities close to their hearts.

For tweed-trimmed Screwballers Matt and Dave, (a.k.a The Roving Gents), this has meant pushing their 200 horsepower ‘vintage’ V8 Range Rover (arguably one of Britain’s most unreliable vehicles and deliberately chosen to add to the fun) through 2000 gruelling miles, all while taking on a range of challenges along the route!

Their 5-day grand tour has taken The Roving Gents through France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Holland, Switzerland and Italy, all whilst raising money for the two very deserving charities of Millie’s Trust and Acton Bridge Pre-School, two charities close to Matt and Dave’s hearts.  

Now they are back in the UK they are looking for your help to push them over the fundraising finishing line. Check out their donation page and see the fantastic places they went to on their Facebook page. Want to give their beloved Range Rover a new home? Let Matt and Dave know, all proceeds will be given to the charities.

Congratulations to Matt and Dave for handling the technical problems with aplomb and getting the ‘old gal’ back home!

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