The Scarecrow drama unfolds….

12 Sep 2015

Robbery On The High – Bramhall Scarecrow Festival was hit by a serious crime wave. This news comes as something of a surprise to this quiet leafy village.

A number of Scarecrows who have been holidaying in Bramhall have had their possessions stolen. An umbrella was taken at an unspecified time from Prydderch Financial Services visitor and three irreplaceable Wellington boots have been taken from outside BE Lifestyle. In addition, Billy Bow, the Roving Rotary Scarecrow has had his tennis racket taken without permission. All three crimes remain a mystery and are unsolved.

Worst of all is that TWO visitors, Burt from Tesco and Ric from Construction Q not only had their hats taken but someone ran off with their heads! Anyone with information which will result in the capture of the perpetrators should phone the Qstoppers action line and will get a reward of a years worth of Builders Barms. Tesco store’s CCTV caught the ‘older man’ who took Burts head and have an image of him. Investigations are ongoing.

Hit and Run in Bramhall Village – It has been reported that the Scarecrow visitor to HSBC was standing outside his holiday accommodation when he was knocked down by a vehicle travelling in a northerly direction. Luckily the surfboard he was carrying was undamaged but he lost his head in the collision. His head was then run over by the vehicle in question, whose driver accelerated away without a backward glance.

Scandal – Eternal Love Triangle or True Love? During the Scarecrows on Holiday festival in Bramhall village Billy Bow, the Roving Rotary Scarecrow, had his heart stolen by one of the lady visitors. Bella (I Love Bramhall) was sitting having a quiet cup of coffee outside Country Fayre when Billy walked past. Their eyes met and it appeared to be love at first sight. The paparazzi managed to get a long lens picture of Billy with his arm around Bella obviously giving her a cuddle.

The next day Billy was seen outside Bridgfords Estate Agents looking at houses for sale. What could that mean?

Then he was caught in Prestbury Travel looking at holiday brochures. Could it be that he was looking at honeymoon destinations?

When Billy came out of the travel agents Vacation Princess was outside Angela Beer. Their eyes met across the street and Billy rushed to buy a bunch of flowers from Tescos to give to her. Could it be that she had stolen Billy’s heart from Bella? Or was he only temporarily smitten?

The following day Billy was snapped in ProGem buying an engagement ring, He was humming the words to a well known lovers song. ‘3rd Finger Left Hand’. Who could it be for? Was it for Bella or was it for Vacation Princess?

Later that day the local paparazzi managed to get a picture of the hand wearing Billy’s ring. It was Bella!

Our final glimpse of them is around a table with the visiting vicar of St Michaels Church obviously arranging the Banns and discussing wedding arrangements.




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