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15 Jun 2018

Among the most recent additions to Bramhall’s ever-growing array of hairdressers is Studio No. 4 – a hidden gem in the heart of the village. The first-floor salon is something of a wonderful surprise to stumble on, set above eye level, with only an innocuous doorway to hint at its presence. I Love Bramhall’s copywriter Francesca paid a visit for a new ‘do – here’s what she had to say.

Having recently interviewed Studio No. 4 owner Ali Brocklehurst for her I Love Bramhall directory listing, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to experience her talents firsthand. The salon isn’t the easiest to find but if you can search it out, you’ll be delighted by what you discover: plush seating, rustic, pared-back decor – Studio No. 4 oozes contemporary style, adding interest and tactile appeal with exposed timber and metal elements.

Studio No4

I take a seat on the gorgeously soft sofa and spend a few minutes watching an episode of Friends on the flat-screen TV before being greeted by a smiling Ali – along with a fantastic cafetiere of freshly brewed coffee. We chat about hair for a while, with Ali asking about what I’d like to achieve at Studio No. 4.

Studio No4

I usually have very blonde highlights throughout my natural ash shade, lifting out the previous balayage that turned brassy. However, with the light blonde comes some maintenance issues; my hair becomes damaged and dried out with bleach, never feeling quite as healthy as it once did. I’d quite like to go for a more natural look now, I tell Ali.

Studio No 4

Pasting a darker colour over the bleach highlights tends to wash out to a brassy shade, which Ali says can only really be avoided by growing out the blonde and working with my natural base. But that will take years, I cry. Yes, she says, it will be a long process, but it’s the best way to achieve what I want – a natural colour with babylights through to add some tonal definition.

Studio No4

With about an inch of root already only show, I decide to take Ali’s expert advice. She plans to smudge the root and tone the body to blend the two for a more natural finish. I have a think for a few minutes and then a flight of fancy takes me – I have a penchant for the colour pink and have been known to dye my hair a variety of pink hues in the past. Now that summer has set in, I’m feeling the itch. Could we perhaps smudge the root and blend a pink tone at the ends? Just to add a bit of colour? Yes of course, Ali says, and off she pops to mix the colour.

Studio No4

Studio No. 4 uses Matrix colours, which I’m pleased to say are non-irritating. I came by for a skin test earlier in the week just to make sure; I have sensitive skin and have reacted to hair colourants in the past, so it’s great to know my scalp won’t be adversely affected. Ali brings over the two colours and gets to work pasting an ashy shade at the root and applying the pink toner to the length. Shortly after working the colours in, it’s time to rinse them off – after all, I only want a subtle hint of colour. A thorough scrub later and I’m back in the main salon area ready to be styled.

Studio No4

Ali blows my hair and the colour starts to shine through – a delicate peachy pink at the tips and an ashy shade at the root that perfectly matches my eyebrows. Once my hair is dried off, Ali gives me a maintenance cut to trim off the dead ends and styles my hair into a lovely loose, beachy wave. Just gorgeous.

Studio No4

I’m accustomed to spending several hours in the salon, so it’s a surprise when I discover the whole process has taken just over an hour. I’m delighted with my hair and flounce out of the salon with a flick of my rosy locks. Over the course of the next two days I’m showered with compliments. I’ll have to visit in a few weeks to smudge the toner through again and maintain the colour but for now, I couldn’t be happier!

Book in your consultation with Studio No. 4 by getting in touch directly through the following links:

  • Facebook: Studio No.4
  • Instagram: studio4bramhall
  • Visit:  4 Woodford Road, Bramhall, Stockport, SK7 1JJ.
  • Phone: 0161 637 3533
  • Hours: 09:00 – 19:00


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