Update of our pesky Peacocks

24 Jun 2016

Just to let you know that one of the peacocks was relocated on 21 June 2016.

24 Jun 2016

Cll Linda Holt said

The shed idea has worked and I am reliably informed that the RSPCA came yesterday when he (the peacock) was happily sleeping in the shed after Neil had let him in there when it was raining. Neil called me to say the peacock was in the shed and I immediately called Brett Witchells the RSPCA Inspector who said he would do all he could to relocate him. Thank you Neil for your actions as you have been instrumental in the relocation of the peacock to a better place.
We still have at least one more to relocate but he is a more nervous timid bird and will need to get used to feeding and sleeping in the shed.
Thank you all for your patience and help with all this. It really has not been easy, but I am hoping we will have a satisfactory conclusion to this for all parties concerned.
Thank you also to all of you who agreed to be filmed for the ITV programme “Garden Pests”

28 May 2016

A shed has been erected at Linney Rd, food is put down regularly we are hoping this pride of rowdy wild peacocks will be lured in there. They need them all to go into the shed together so they can relocate to Ormskirk!

It’s believed that the white peahen has been hit and killed by a car which is so sad when it was so near to being re-located.

ITV want to feature the story on a programme regarding Garden Pests. They will be speaking to the residents about the damage and the noise and also putting a camera in the shed for a week.

30 Nov 2015

We aren’t sure where these Peacocks originated but it is thought a resident originally owned a few, then the birds started mating and flock became feral.

Responding to local residents, Cllr. Linda Holt arranged a public meeting at the Linney Road Scout Hut on Thursday 19th. November to discuss the feral peafowl in the area.

Residents packed the hall with all the seating taken and standing room only, showing the huge interest there is in the issue. Concerns expressed from the audience included expensive damage to cars and other property, aggression, and noise pollution, but it must be stressed that nobody wants any harm to come to these beautiful birds.

At the conclusion of a very productive meeting, chaired by Linda, but also addressed by Mary Robinson MP, and Cllr. Alanna Vine, it was agreed that a working party would be convened from volunteers with a view to catching some or all of the birds before the breeding season, and relocating them to areas more appropriate, either locally or further afield, for these formerly domesticated but now wild birds.

Over a dozen people have now offered direct help in this respect, and the first meeting of the working party is planned for w/c 6th. December. Anybody else, not directly affected, but who has expertise and would like to help, please contact Cllr. Linda Holt on her home number 0161 456 1199 and it would be useful to keep they informed of their whereabouts.



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