I LOVED International Women’s Day at Rainbow88 Cheadle Hulme

17 Mar 2022

International Women’s Day is marked every year on March 8. Across the world. IWD celebrates the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. Did you know the very first IWD gathering was held back in 1911? Even back then, it was supported by over a million people. IWD is not country, group or organisation specific – it celebrates women everywhere. And International Women’s Day Cheadle Hulme was definitely one to remember.

IWD works with charities and cites several missions to celebrate women’s achievements and call out inequality. These include to:

  • Build workplaces where women thrive
  • Elevate the visibility of women creatives
  • Improve equality for women in tech
  • Forge women’s empowerment worldwide
  • Celebrate the women forging change
  • Empower women’s choices in health
international women's day celebration

International Women’s Day Celebrations

To mark the the occasion locally, I Love Bramhall and I Love Cheadle Hulme joined forces with fellow female-owned business, Rainbow88. The #IWD2022 theme is #Breakthebias but as successful female-led businesses, we’ve already gone some way towards that. Instead, our speakers, including our own Wendy and Kate, spoke with humour and empathy about the hurdles they’ve overcome. In doing so, we hoped to reach out to those who may feel their own obstacles are insurmountable:

Linda Lam; Owner of Rainbow88, Cheadle Hulme

Linda’s come a long way – and not just from Fleetwood. Life wasn’t easy at first but Linda worked hard and took her chances. She opened Rainbow88 over twenty years ago, then found herself running the business totally alone, with a baby – and her partner’s debts. Not only did Linda succeed despite that, she smashed it. She’s also raised hundreds of thousands of pounds for various local charities and causes. Linda’s love for community and caring comes from her early days in business when people helped her. Cancer charities are now particularly close to home, as Linda was diagnosed with breast cancer a few years ago. Her recovery and positive attitude are another source of inspiration. A huge thank you to Linda for playing host to International Women’s Day Cheadle Hulme!

Linda Lamb Rainbow 88

Linda Lam

Wendy Green; Founder, I Love Communities

Wendy LOVES Bramhall, so founded I Love Bramhall – THE go-to for all things Bramhall and is credited with helping businesses and groups to positively thrive. That love is shared with Cheadle Hulme, and now Alderley Edge, too as Wendy’s brand grows yet keeps that ‘love local’ ethos. Everyone knows Wendy, the life and soul of the party. The outgoing, confident queen of the community. And yet, for the first half of 2021, she was too scared to leave her house.

She jumped every time her phone pinged,  couldn’t sleep knowing there’d be calls and texts. She became an anxiety-ridden, nervous wreck who couldn’t face work OR friends. Wendy was the victim of an ongoing stalking and harassment campaign by an ex-partner. With the help and support of friends, the police, the courts, Stockport Without Abuse and expert counselling, Wendy’s BACK and wants other women to know that help IS there. They DON’T have to live with this sort of abuse.

Wendy Green

Wendy Green

Kate Godfrey; Freelance Writer at Write Stuff & I Love Cheadle Hulme

Cheadle Hulme’s Kate lost her husband suddenly a few years ago. Michael died suddenly after suffering a cardiac arrest while playing football. Kate left her ‘little’ part time job to support her children, and started working as a freelance writer before meeting Wendy and setting up I Love Cheadle Hulme. Kate didn’t wallow, she’s living proof that a bit of positivity and get-up-and-go can go a long way, and that there are always blessings to count. Sometimes you have to look a little harder.

She also maintains that we owe it to those we’ve lost to make every single day count – the present is a gift. Kate and her four children’s lives changed irrevocably, but they have tried to ‘do Michael proud’ whilst also trying to raise awareness of defibrillators AND create a community sports facility. Kate’s oldest son Joe is nearly as well known locally as she is, as the face (and gob almighty) of SK Football Coaching. His dad would be VERY proud – of all of them.

Kate Godfrey

Kate Godfrey

Becky Field; Westfield Coaching – Coach, Mentor, Hypnotherapist, and More

Following a battle with alcohol addiction and complete burnout at work, Becky hit rock bottom. With the right help and support she clawed her way back up and now boasts a ‘black belt in boundaries’. Becky says she’s a totally unemployable, strong woman with an unshakeable belief that there is always a solution – she’s certainly found and worked at solutions in her own life and business. She believes wholeheartedly that everyone’s life can be transformed through coaching, through letting go of all that holds us back and facing up to everything with courage.

Becky Field

Becky Field

Alejandra Solis; Bramhall Dog Groomers

Lovely Ali, originally from Mexico, was already an inspirational member of our community, doing sterling work with the friends of Lumb Lane Park. Back in 2018, her world could’ve fallen apart when she was diagnosed with stage 4 Breast Cancer. Ali is dealing with it with what she calls ‘naive positivity, it’s just a health inconvenience’. Her bravery and determination have served her well so far – it can’t be easy being so far from family and coping with critical illness through a global pandemic. So what did Ali do? Stay home and feel sorry for herself? Never. Not only did she continue to be a wonderful mum, but she also even set up a brand new business, Bramhall Dog Groomers. Ali’s not superwoman. She’s far more fabulous than that.

Alejandra Solis

Alejandra Solis

Aba Graham: Chair for Ebony and Ivory Organisation and the Director Lead for Stockport Race Equality Partnership.

Aba has community at the heart of everything she does, which became even more important to her when she had a life-threatening brain operation in 2014. She lost everything including her home and job. Since her recovery, she has begun to build back better – creating opportunities and advocating for those who struggle with inequalities and marginalisation to enable and empower them. Aba spoke with passion and determination, getting over a hundred women to their feet to cheer. #Breakthebias.

Aba Graham

Aba Graham

A Night to Remember

What an amazing night. The speakers for our International Women’s Day Cheadle Hulme celebration spoke eloquently and from the heart. The guests loved Ailsa’s daily Dance and Hannah Louise’s soulful vocals. The atmosphere was one of support and friendship and many new friendships and support systems grew.

The Daily Dance

Ailsa / The Daily Dance

The existing friendships and support networks were very much in evidence with tables full of friends and colleagues of our speakers, as well as incredibly generous raffle prizes. We’d like to thank everyone who stepped up to support the event and the cause:

Special mention also to all the amazing female business owners who joined us and thus helped Stockport Without Abuse, too:

When this many women work together, wonderful things happen.

A Cause to Support

Yes, we celebrated inspirational women – women just like you – but, more importantly, we raised awareness and much-needed funds for Stockport Without Abuse. Together, we raised £1,500!

Stockport Without Abuse is a small charity that helps and support women, men and children who suffer domestic abuse. Everyone has the right to live their life free from fear, violence and abuse. Sometimes it is difficult to recognise what is happening. Abusers thrive on creating fear, humiliation and confusion while isolating their victims and destroying confidence. SWA can help you realise if you’re in an abusive relationship and explain the options available to you.

International Women's Day Cheadle Hulme

What is Domestic Abuse?

Domestic abuse is when someone uses their strength or power to control someone in a relationship. Domestic abuse can be physical, emotional, sexual or financial. It can also be forced marriage or so-called ‘honour-based’ violence. It’s rarely an isolated incident and usually gets worse with time. If you think you are experiencing or have recently experienced abuse from a partner, ex-partner or a close family member or if you are being forced into marriage, please get help. Stockport Without Abuse are there for you. They WILL listen, and you WILL get help.

Call: 0808 2000 247

Email: [email protected]

If you’re in immediate danger, please don’t hesitate to call 999.

Stockport without abuse

Thank You

Again, we ALL thank you for your help, support and company. It was such a joy to celebrate International Women’s Day Cheadle Hulme locally. Thank you as well to the wonderful Craige Barker Photography for all the event photos. If anyone needs any help or support with the issues discussed, we are all happy to chat and point you in the right direction. Together, we are stronger.

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