I LOVE World Book Day 2022 and I Love Books

10 Mar 2022

The children of Cheadle Hulme, Bramhall, Alderley Edge and beyond really went to town to celebrate World Book Day 2022. Whether dressed as a favourite character, a word or just taking their favourite story into school, we LOVE to see everyone getting into the spirit of World Book Day. Mostly, we love to see children learning to love books and develop a lifelong love of reading. After all, books can feed your brain – or provide an imaginary escape from a humdrum world. It’s not just books  about wizards that are magic.

Eli age 9 – Hagrid from Harry Potter

Turn a Page – Open your Imagination

Maybe you’re going on a bear hunt – or helping Kipper to find HIS bear? Perhaps you’re searching for Wally or flying a kite up to the highest heights with Mary Poppins. Or are you stocking up on tiger food just in case he comes to tea? Well, on World Book Day, anything goes and we LOVE seeing your photos. Children (and parents, of course) and teachers, nursery staff and lots of other book lovers of Alderley,  Bramhall and Cheadle Hulme put on a great show. 

Throughout our villages, schools and nurseries devised lots of exciting ways to enjoy the day.  From book swaps and story sharing to readathons and competitions; children got the chance to experience a new novel, delight in Dahl, marvel in a myth, go wacky for a Walliams and generally learn to love books.


Learning to Love Books on World Book Day

Marcy, told us all about the activities in her class at Cheadle Hulme Primary School, “We got to dress up as adjectives and we made a class dictionary with all our words. I chose ‘snuggly’ and my outfit was really comfy. We also joined a live lesson with a REAL author. That was BRILLIANT! I love dressing up and I love books!” Us too, Marcy. Us too.

Many local children leapt at the chance to dress to impress as their favourite character. At school run times, the streets were filled with wizardry magic as Harry Potters headed to school. A parade of pretty princesses and swashbuckling pirates joined Mogs, Gruffalos and even the odd Horrid Henry. It was a day to remember and part of introducing children to books they’ll never forget.

Elizabeth said “World Book Day is great. I dressed up as a magician because at school we have been reading ‘Leon and the Place Between’, by Angela McAllister which is all about the circus. I even got to show my friends a magic trick!”

world book day costume

Sophia – Little Red Riding Hood

Reading is GOOD for You

The World Book Day mission is to promote reading for pleasure, which is the biggest indicator of a child’s future success – even more than their circumstances. Reading really IS that important and THAT amazing. Have a read of the World Book Day evidence if you’re not convinced:

  • Improvement in vocabulary in comparison to non-readers (Millenium Cohort Study)
  • Correlation between regularity of reading for pleasure and ability in reading each reinforcing the other as students get older (Cremin 2019, Torppa 2020)
  • Better performance in subjects other than English (Millenium Cohort Study)
  • Reading for pleasure is one of the most important predictors of test scores at age 16, regardless of background (OECD)
  • There is a strong correlation between regular reading for Pleasure and Mental Wellbeing which is separate from other predictors (NLT 2018)
  • Reading improves a child’s empathy skills (Oatly 2016)
  • Interventions developing Reading for Pleasure attitudes (offering book choice and time to read rather than instruction) have a greater influence on reading ability than reading lessons for older children/adults (Greenberg 2014)

World Book Day is recognised all over the world and celebrated in the UK on the first Thursday of March. World Book Day 2022 is even more special than usual,  as it’s the first since lockdown. The initiative is also celebrating its 25th anniversary. The celebration grows year on year, going from strength to strength. Today, World Book Day can be fun for all the family.

Niamh age 13

Books are for Life not Just for World Book Day 2022

Give your children the BEST possible start in life and education by encouraging them to read as much as they can. Why not lead by example and rediscover some of YOUR favourite books? Did you love Alice in Wonderland? Or the Chronicles of Narnia? Books needn’t be expensive – the library is free and full of more books than you can imagine. Visit charity shops or even car boot sales. Arrange book swaps with friends.  Maybe try Borrowbox, the library’s audiobook service and listen to stories on car journeys. Share your enthusiasm and see your children reap the rewards at school – and beyond.

So don’t worry, it’s not too late. World Book Day 2022 may be over but the fun goes on, and on. Head over to World Book Day – YouTube to watch the amazing live events put on by the organisers. And don’t forget to spend your £1 book token. To find your nearest participating shop visits Participating Stores – World Book Day.

world book day costumes

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