I LOVE Aroi Thai and Indian Takeaway – Capturing the East in Cheadle Hulme

6 May 2021

Aroi is not like other takeaways. Aroi brings the most delectable tastes of the East right here to Cheadle Hulme. This is not just Thai food; not just Indian food; not even just selected dishes of Malaysian food. In fact, when you browse the inspirational Aroi menu, you embark on a gastronomic journey through the jewels in the crown of Asian cuisine.

Take your tastebuds travelling through East Asia via Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, India, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Indonesia and the Philippines – without ever leaving Cheadle Hulme. Indeed, without even leaving the comfort of your own sofa.

Mesmerising and Mouth-Watering

As well as the mesmerising and mouth-watering choice of dishes, cuisines and tastes, there’s more that makes Aroi REALLY special. The entire team pride themselves on sourcing the best ingredients and producing the very best of restaurant-quality food to eat at home. What’s not to love? No crowds, no queues, no expensive taxis home. Add a good bottle of wine, a few beers or even order some cocktails to be delivered and you have the recipe for the perfect night in!

Owner Mo told us “we opened Aroi over a decade ago. We loved Cheadle Hulme and we knew Cheadle Hulme was where we should be, as there was nothing similar around. In fact, there still isn’t.”

Fragrant to Fiery

Mo created Aroi  with a vision and a passion: to create the BEST quality eastern takeaway food in the area. Everything is cooked fresh from scratch, every single day. The menu is so extensive, there is something for everyone. From fragrant and mild dishes to fiery curries; simply satisfying kebabs to banquet-worthy spreads. Treat yourself to your favourite creamy Korma. Enjoy an aromatic Pad Thai. Or, why not immerse yourself – and your senses – in whole new exotic flavours of the East? Take yourself on a truly magical mystery menu tour and discover Asian cuisine unlike the ordinary takeaways you’ve tried before.

Traditionally, Asian cooking also offers many healthy options. Plus of course, the friendly and helpful Aroi team will be happy to discuss dietary requirements or allergies.

Reviews and Recommendations Abound

Have they succeeded in their vision? Well, perhaps let some of their recent reviews tell that story:

“WOW, WOW, WOW! Just had our first takeaway from Aroi, it was outstanding!!! Totally fresh, gorgeous, tasty food and ready within 40 minutes!  Absolutely highly recommend, this is totally a fabulous new find. Thank you to Kate from I Love Cheadle Hulme for the recommendation, I didn’t even know they were there!! An absolute gem in the heart of Cheadle Hulme, I’m now hooked!” Jo H.

“Probably the best take-out I have ever had. Food was fresh, tasty, and red hot! Will definitely be back soon.” Steph T

“We have been using the Aroi for the past thirteen years and can honestly say that we’ve never had a bad meal! Very tasty, fresh (love the number 68) Thai & Indian food! In fact, I’m just about to place another order for tonight!” Julie M.

Yep, looks like Cheadle Hulme loves Aroi.  After the tumultuous year that was 2020, Aroi, like so many other local businesses, pivoted and adapted to meet demand. The delivery service has certainly been a winner. Embracing social media to tantalise us with tempting treats has inspired many a bubble or family night in, too.

Aroi LOVE Cheadle Hulme

Mo adds, “Our exotic and vibrant dishes are made with the finest ingredients and made freshly every day. We only use the freshest produce in our food, sourced locally and cooked in a style that is healthy, delicious and represents great value. Our vast menu consists of the most popular cuisine of East Asia with a range of subtlety and spice to suit most tastes. All this combined with our team’s quick and friendly service, so you can just sit back and enjoy!

We have invested heavily in the highest quality products and aim to deliver the best level of service possible. Our whole team would like to personally thank all our valued customers – new and old – for your support. All of us look forward to serving you great food again soon.”

What are you waiting for? Treat yourself to something special tonight. It might be a while before you can travel, so let your tastebuds do it until then. We bet you’ll love Aroi, too.


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