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10 Nov 2021

Let’s give a warm Cheadle Hulme welcome to Mortgage Success, the new brokers on the block. We met Tony, Mortgage Success’ owner, to talk house buying, lockdown and Cheadle Hulme.

Although relatively new to Cheadle Hulme, Mortgage Success launched in September 2013 in Urmston.

After training and working with another mortgage broker Tony Higham decided he was better off being the boss, and he set up Mortgage Success.

As a whole of market broker, Tony has access to about 90 lenders, which means he can find the best deal for you. But it’s not just about getting that deal. Tony believes strongly in great customer service so expect him to play an important role when you’re buying your house. Buying a house is stressful, and Mortgage Success goes above and beyond to make it as easy for the clients as possible.

Tony will talk to estate agents and solicitors during the day to keep things moving and get regular updates for you.

‘Basically, I do all the running around, so you only have to speak to one person,’ Tony tells me.

The idea is to make things as stress-free as possible. I think most of us would agree that only dealing with one person would make the process so much easier.

Tony’s primary client base are those with bad credit.

‘Bad credit doesn’t just mean bad with money,’ Tony explains. ‘I’ve worked with some really unlucky people.’

He says a person with bad credit normally has a story to tell. A major life event or ill health can mean people find themselves with bad credit, and Tony finds it a privilege to advise and help them get back on the property ladder.

He also works with first-time buyers, which he loves.

‘It’s such a joy to see how excited they are when they get their mortgage approved.’

I bet many of you can still remember that excitement when you realised you were finally going to buy your first property. Mortgage Success helps people to achieve that goal.

We then move on to lockdown. Most businesses have felt an impact of Covid-19 in one way or another, and Mortgage Success is no different. Luckily for Tony, business got busier and busier as people decided they wanted to move house. He was busy during the first lockdown, but when the stamp duty holiday was announced, it just got crazy. And prices had risen too. At one point, mortgages were on average £80,000 higher than before Covid. People had more money to spend on property because they weren’t paying stamp duty.

And what about now? Tony tells me the housing market is quieter. He believes everyone who wants to move has already done so, meaning very little is available on the market. So if you’ve been considering moving, maybe it’s the right time to put your house on the market. He expects it to start picking up again in the new year but don’t expect house prices to drop.

Having lived in and around Manchester, Tony has settled in Cheadle Hulme with his partner and daughter. He loves how family orientated it is and is delighted with how his little girl has settled at school. In fact, the first pub he visited was The Governors House soon after his daughter was born. And now Mortgage Success HQ is based on the Stanley Green estate, it’s only a quick commute to work.

Finally, I couldn’t resist getting some insider knowledge for all you lovely people in Cheadle Hulme. I asked Tony if he could give us some house buying tips and this is what he said:

  •       Understand how much you can afford
  •       Get a copy of your credit report, so there are no hidden surprises
  •       And always speak to a mortgage broker!



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