Cheadle Hulme Park Run – Relocation update

23 Dec 2016

Cheadle Hulme parkrun have been working extremely hard to relocate, and are pending final approval of their new course! They want to share exciting updates of the process with you

The whole process has been like starting a parkrun from scratch, so there has been lots to do and there still is, these things take time. Cheadle Hulme’s Parkrun has now got to the point where they can update you on their progress and share the exciting news you have all been waiting for, as we know a lot of you have been asking…

Cheadle Hulme Park Run

PARKRUN HOPES TO HAVE A NEW HOME, as agreed by Stockport Council. However, it is very important to stress this is pending approval at the Cheadle Area Committee Meeting on 31st January 2017, after which they have a cooling off period of 10 days before announcing final decisions. The Green Space Team at the council have said that Cheadle Parkrun should work towards our planned start date of March 2017 given the timeframes, as they need to make arrangements in advance of this, such as: update the website, new course map, official course measurement, fill the volunteer rota, hold a test run, new risk assessment and much more.

Cheadle Hulme Park Run
Pending final approval, Cheadle Hulme parkrun will be at Bruntwood Park from Saturday 11th March 2017!
Bruntwood Park is a fabulous location, that already has many services to offer, we hope to be a great addition to the park. The Vinery cafe look forward to welcoming us for our post run gathering come rain or shine, they have an excellent menu which we have all sampled. What the council do ask is that the Parkrun does not congest the car park, so we will be asking people to jog/walk/cycle/carshare as much as possible. There are so many inlets into the park, this shouldn’t be an issue. Full details about access and parking will be on the parkrun website once updated.

Cheadle Hulme Park Run
The Cheadle Hulme team would like to thank the following parkrun Ambassadors (past and present) for their help; James Kemp, Maria Rushton and Eve Taylor. We would also like to acknowledge parkrun HQ, who have been extremely supportive and understanding, they have never given up on the park run. Someone who has been instrumental in finding their new home is local MP Mary Robinson and her team. Cheadle Hulme park run can not express how grateful they are for all of her help, they are honored Mary has their relaunch date in her diary to be the guest of honor to start the run on the 11th March.

Cheadle Hulme Park Run

And finally, a big THANK YOU to each and everyone of you who has not given up on the parkrun and asked how you can help. It really does mean a lot.
Cheadle Hulme Parkrun are now looking to fill the volunteer rota from 18th March 2017 onwards. They need to build their community and volunteers again, so if you can help please do get in touch via Facebook/Twitter or email [email protected] – remember to give your registered name and barcode number to find you in the system. Having a full rota for the first 4-6 weeks would be 1 less thing to worry about.
Once Cheadle Hulme parkrun have the outcome of the Cheadle Area Committee Meeting, they will be back in touch with an update.

Cheadle Hulme Park Run

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