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6 Nov 2019

Irrespective of what vehicle you drive, we all rue the inconvenience caused when our car is off the road and requires repairs or bodywork. Cheshire Accident Management has accumulated years of experience, providing their clientele with exemplary service whilst restoring damaged cars to their former glory.

There are currently 37.5 million vehicles on UK roads, as such, the likelihood of motorists experiencing a road accident at some stage has increased significantly. Body shops such as Cheshire Accident Management are essential, with motorists keen to return to the road and ward off any unwanted inconvenience.

For many within the motor trade, a passion for cars has been ingrained into their psyche from a young age – this is the case with Founder Paul Moore. The Cheadle-based business owner has pursued his fondness for vehicles in setting up Cheshire Accident Management, seizing the opportunity to restore many cars for an array of clients.

“We’re a body shop here at Cheshire Accident Management. We specialise in a range of services, offering assistance with dents and car park knocks, to small accidents and major restoration work. We’re comfortable doing anything body related; this also includes car spraying.”

Diversity is the hallmark of any top-quality business and Cheshire Accident Management aren’t a business who are resting on their laurels. With a highly skilled, versatile workforce in place, Paul Moore’s company is in a position whereby it can assist with a variation of jobs, without putting all of their eggs in one basket.

“Generally, restoration work represents approximately twenty-percent of our incoming business. Small bumps and dents take up roughly sixty percent, with the remainder of our time dedicated to major accident work.

“Mainly, we spend time on bumps and car park dents and it’s the lower velocity impacts that we’re currently working on, but we do receive many requests for other projects. However, we don’t tend to focus on big accident work, as insurance companies keep the jobs in-house and control the market.”

In any sector, extensive experience breeds success; the more time an individual dedicates to their craft, the more refined their practice becomes. Having accumulated thirty-seven years of experience, Paul Moore has gained a repertoire of skills that he incorporates for each client as he and his team continue to offer a fantastic service.

“I’ve been in the industry for thirty-seven years; I knew when I was in school that I was going to repair and sell cars, or anything with an internal combustion engine.

“At the age of fourteen, I got a job at a small garage in Wilmslow and worked after school and at the weekends and that’s been life for me since then. Even from the age of five onwards, my Dad had a body shop in the seventies before he sought alternative employment; since spending time there, I knew that this is what I wanted to do.”

With plenty of garages in operation, some might say that there are plenty of alternatives in the local area. However, Cheshire Accident Management is different in that it’s a body shop, not a garage, as such, with establishments dedicated to body work and the structure of a vehicle less popular than in previous years, as explained by Paul.

“There are a few garages, but there aren’t a lot of body shops around anymore. For instance, ten years ago, there were approximately twelve-thousand body shops, but there are nearer six thousand now.

“Because everything is so regulated and because health and safety is so rigid, it can be extremely hard to make money as a body shop owner. For example, the paint that we use is so expensive; if you looked at setting up a body shop on paper, then you wouldn’t do it because it requires so much investment.”

While the business is admittedly hard work, Paul Moore’s sheer dedication towards offering a memorable experience for his clients continues to generate custom, with the local business owner citing an eagerness to protect no-claims bonuses on car insurance as a key contributor to the work passed to his business.

“People come to us because they don’t want to claim on their insurance; they don’t want to pay the excess and lose their no claims bonus. We’re finding that anything at the lower end of the insurance market, sub £1000, let’s say, a lot of people decide to pay themselves because it can be detrimental to their insurance. A lot of people would rather pay £600 plus VAT, rather than go ruin their insurance record.”

As is the case in all walks of life, everything works in cycles and knowledge must be passed to the new generation of workers at a company, a notion instilled at Cheshire Accident Management. With a career spanning thirty-seven years, Paul Moore is assisted by a team of specialists and can spend less time in the workshop – in his absence, the workshop operates like a well-oiled machine, a product symptomatic of the high-standards set at the company.

“I don’t work in the workshop anymore, while up to about ten years ago, I did; I managed the business and worked in the workshop.

“However, now I know exactly what’s required for everything to run swimmingly: We need panel beaters, who do all of the repairs, staff who strip cars apart and repair the car, painters paint the cars, and so forth. We have long serving skilled staff, that I can rely on to consistently produce quality timely workmanship. My newest member of staff has been with me 4 years and my oldest serving member of staff has been here for fifteen years.”

Cheshire Accident Management is an established business, with core principles in place that have helped deliver sustained success. As such, Peter Moore has cited that external circumstances would be one of the few things that would lead to a change to the current set up.

“If regulations change, then, of course, we’ll change the way that we do things. I don’t want to increase the size of my business, even though we have the space to recruit one or two more members of staff. “

“Our jobs are very visual and I would never want to sacrifice the quality of our services. When a product is finished, your work is there for people to see; if you go too big, you rush work through and work suffers. We take time with what we do, we don’t mess around and never cut corners.”

Sometimes financial gain and overly ambitious aspirations can cloud the judgement of a business owner, yet Paul Brooke’s feet remain planted, despite his extensive experience spanning over three decades. For some, job satisfaction comes secondary to finance, however, the owner of Cheshire Accident Management values his team and a dream opportunity to work with cars above income.

Such is Paul’s dedication to putting his customers best interests at heart that financial sacrifices are often made to ensure that they receive a fair deal. In this sense, Cheshire Accident Management is the local community’s second pair of eyes when it comes to cars, with the business staunch advocates of supporting local businesses and local people in and saving money wherever possible, even if this affects their pocket.

“I’d always rather buy from a small business. It’s not always the most economical source, but it’s so important, in my opinion; I don’t even have an Amazon account! If I want something, I’ll try and forward business to a local supplier because it’s important for the local area.”

In terms of our customers, there’ve been instances when people have come in having been to a larger, insurance approved body shop, for instance, after being quoted £2500 there, but we might quote £600. This is because when we see the estimate form, I’ll go through it and tell them all of the work that they don’t need.”

Cheshire Accident Management business builds on principles that are often hard to come by. These characteristics continue to endear Paul Moore and his team to the local community.

Call Cheshire Accident Management on 0161 428 7660 to book your vehicle in for restoration or repair.

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