Corrie Actress Encourages Women to Bust Menopause Myths

17 Oct 2017

Coronation Street star Sally Dynevor is calling on Manchester women to help challenge the taboo surrounding menopause.

In September the community and businesses in Cheadle Hulme came together for Paint Cheadle Hulme Pink for Prevent Breast Cancer raising 1000’s of pounds for the charity.

The actress, who plays Sally Metcalfe in the popular soap, wants to help bust common myths about what it’s like to go through ‘the change’ and is backing charity Prevent Breast Cancer’s upcoming event, The Ideal Menopause Show.

Prevent Breast Cancer

Held on Saturday 28 October at The Nightingale Centre – Europe’s first centre for breast cancer prevention – the event will feature advice from medical professionals, as well as relaxation tips and Q&A opportunities. Attendees will also have the chance to browse stalls selling books, clothing and beauty products, while makeup artist Daniel Sandler will be on hand to give women a mini makeover.

Sally, who is a long-standing patron of the Manchester-based charity, said: “This is a subject close to my heart and something that many women avoid talking about for fear of embarrassment.

Prevent Breast Cancer

“Menopause is a stage in life that comes to us all, regardless of background, ethnicity or social status, so it’s important that women feel comfortable talking about it and asking the questions they need to ask. I’m hoping that this event will go some way to supporting local women who want advice or support on how to cope with this important milestone in their lives.”

As the UK’s only charity entirely dedicated to the prediction and prevention of breast cancer, Prevent Breast Cancer carries out vital research into four key areas: early detection and screening, genes, preventative screening and diet and lifestyle.

Based at Wythenshawe Hospital, the charity relies solely on donations to continue its work and The Ideal Menopause Show is part of its ongoing strategy to develop more relationships in its local community.

Nikki Barraclough, executive director at Prevent Breast Cancer, said: “Although we are very much a national charity, our roots lie firmly in Manchester and we’re passionate about building links with local people and playing a role within the community.

“Menopause is something that a lot of people steer clear of discussing as they’re not sure what’s ‘normal’ or what ‘should’ be happening. It’s fairly common for breast cancer treatment to trigger menopause-like symptoms, while conventional HRT treatments often become ineffective in those battling the disease.

“Therefore, finding alternative ways to tackle menopause is extremely important. We want this event to cut through the taboos surrounding this stage in our lives and give women real-life, practical advice that they can hopefully take away with them and pass on to friends and family.”

The Ideal Menopause Show takes place at The Nightingale Centre, Wythenshawe on Saturday 28 October from 10.30am until 4.30pm. Tickets are priced at £5, with all proceeds going directly to Prevent Breast Cancer.

  • Prevent Breast Cancer was formerly known as Genesis Breast Cancer Prevention and changed its name in summer 2016. The charity still holds the same values, and will strive to predict, prevent and protect, but will be doing so under a new, more synonymous name.
  • Its mission is to lead ground-breaking research into the prediction and prevention of breast cancer. Its strategy is two-fold; firstly PREDICTION – finding methods of predicting a woman’s personal risk of breast cancer; and secondly PREVENTION – researching ways of lowering women’s risk of developing cancer, in order to prevent the disease.
  • Prevent Breast Cancer’s vision is to create a breast cancer free future for the next generation. Its research will one day bring about a world where breast cancer is preventable and no individual will have to suffer from this terrible disease.
  • Prevent Breast Cancer’s four pillars of research are:
  1. Gene research
  2. Early detection and screening
  3. Preventative drugs
  4. Diet and lifestyle.
  • Prevent Breast Cancer is the UK’s only charity dedicated entirely to the prediction and prevention of breast cancer.

Prevent Breast Cancer

Prevent Breast Cancer

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