Dave Evans Golf Day

18 Aug 2017

The Dave Evans’ Golf Day was established 11 years ago and since then, has raised around £130,000 for local families fighting cancer.

Dave was born, bred and well known in Cheadle Hulme. Born in 1966, he went to Lane End and then Cheadle Hulme High School and, like most of us who grew up round here, spent his formative years in the Kenilworth Pub. He married local girl Debbie, they had fantastic sons, Charlie, Max and Harvey – of whom their Dad would be incredibly proud. Tragically, the family’s life was turned upside-down when Dave was diagnosed with Oesophageal cancer on 21/08/07 and given just months to live.
Dave Evans & Mum

        Dave and his mum Pat

Dave and his amazing mum, Pat, she had a major stroke last year,  one of the first words Pat said when she first woke up was “when is our Dave’s golf day?”


Dave passed away on 1 March 2008 – St David’s Day, which he would’ve appreciated – at the age of 41, just 6 months after diagnosis. His gorgeous boys were just 3, 6 and 8 years old.

Dave was self-employed, running a carpet cleaning business when he fell ill. Obviously, he was unable to work, so a group of his friends decided to hold a golf day to help the family. With just over one month’s preparation, Bramall Park Golf club saw the first amazing event. The lads raised over £37,000 in that one day. The level of support was incredible, and made such a difference to Dave and his family, helping at least alleviate the financial pressure.
After Dave died, his friends decided to keep running the golf day each year, as a tribute, and to help other families going through what Dave, Debbie and the boys did. This isn’t a charity organisation – just an amazing group of friends who want to help other families affected by cancer, and to do something wonderful in Dave’s memory. The Golf Day itself is sold out – 30 teams and so 120 golfers. Well over half of them book on immediately after the previous event. The evening event at The Hesketh is open to all and truly not to be missed – that too will sell out quickly. You snooze, you lose.
Hesketh Tavern
 Each year things happen which show that there are still loads of really good, decent people around, the evening at The Hesketh is an incredible event. People donate prizes for the raffle and the auction, people dig deep and buy tickets or bid big. One gent has bought his own donation back for three years running! The local lads allow themselves to be ridiculed each year, all to try and help the night go well. Golf prizes are awarded, the auction, often performed by David “Bumble” Lloyd is hilarious and some of the bids simply astonish. Nick Campbell’s (our Billy, from Bread) little bit of a disco rounds off the night. The evening is a hilarious do, which Dave would’ve loved. Political correctness goes out of the window and a certain ‘personality’ who let the event down in the past is commemorated.
Some of the fantastic auction lots available so far include:
  • A City shirt from Paul Dickov
  • A week in Nick Porter’s Spanish apartment
  • A signed United ball from Dave’s eldest son Charlie (who this year will be able to legally enjoy a pint. Happy belated 18th!)
  • A red Tag Formula 1 watch from Rick Morrey
 For more information or to offer support, donate a raffle prize or auction lot please contact the following people. But please, ladies, contain yourselves at the availability of some of these numbers.
  • *Rick Morrey : 07971 292957 Email : [email protected]
  • *Debbie Evans : 07966 638923
  • *Chris Siddall : 07780 661180
  • *Craig Daniels : 07798 877678
    Join the event on Facebook : Dave Evans Golf Day

This year, we’re supporting Mia Calder’s and Dawn Shepherd’s families:

Becky Calder, Mia’s mum said

“In June 2015 our gorgeous daughter Mia was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia, she had just turned three. Our lives were turned upside down, we had never felt emotional pain like it. Mia was to endure 9 months of intense chemotherapy and 18 months of maintenance chemotherapy which involves daily and weekly meds at home and hospital. We are currently 2 years into treatment and live life in the unknown, terrified of relapse and future side effects caused by so much chemo at such a young age. Mia has been an absolute star throughout. She never questions ‘why me?’ and just gets on with it without complaint. She doesn’t measure herself by what others her age are capable of doing and amazes us every day with her progress. At 5 years of age she has been through far more than anybody should have to endure. We are so proud of her.”


Dawn Shepherd Foundation. – This was set up by Dawns friends to help her young sons. Dawn Shepherd passed away on the 3rd of November 2016 after a courageous battle with cancer. Dawn has two gorgeous boys, Cameron, 9 and Lewis, 11. They now live with their grandparents in Cheadle.

Dawn Shepherd

“Dawn had ovarian cancer 5 years ago, but recovered. However, August last year Dawn was rushed into hospital with excruciating leg pain. She had a collapsed lung caused by a massive pocket of fluid. The only symptoms that she had up to then was back pain. Dawn being the person she is, carried on as normal, being an amazing mum, moving in to her dream home with Jason, and running her business. Dawn was admitted to hospital and tried her best to remain upbeat and positive. She came home after a few days, but still didn’t feel great. She was then given the devastating news that the cancer had returned. She was admitted to Christies so they could start the chemo immediately and things escalated quickly. The chemo was very powerful, and made her so poorly but she fought on, like a super woman. Sadly, chemo hadn’t worked and had made her so poorly she was exhausted and in so much pain that the doctors allowed her home with Jason and the boys to enjoy a few days without being constantly prodded and poked. On Saturday 29th October she was admitted to Christies for the final time and on 3rd November just after 3pm she took her last breath and fell asleep with her family all by her side. Dawn was an amazing mum, daughter, sister, girlfriend and friend who was loved by so many.”

Reading these accounts, it’s easy to see why the Dave’s friends and family do what they do. They know as well as Mia’s and Dawn’s families to live every day and make the very best of what they have. I suspect we can all learn from them – and they’re yet another reason why I Love Cheadle Hulme.

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