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13 Sep 2022

Michelle Brookes is well known nowadays and highly regarded (and that’s on top of being a fabulous friend).  When we first met Michelle, she was a pocket rocket personal trainer, an irresistible force of energy and enthusiasm, showing countless clients how to improve their fitness. In doing so, with her spiritual coaching, she had a positive impact on so many women’s lives, their well-being, plus their physical AND mental health.  That’s not to say she didn’t have her own challenges and struggles. Of course, she did – and does – but how she deals with them makes her a brilliant, supportive, and empowering coach.

More Than a Mentor; More Than a Personal Trainer

Many of Michelle’s clients – and their friends – needed more than solely a PT. Michelle, a supportive and knowledgeable trainer, already offered more. Much more. It made sense to add a specialism, helping endometriosis sufferers. Endometriosis is debilitating, painful, and ravages quality of life. It takes many years to diagnose and is rarely treated. Michelle’s been there, so she knows first-hand the pain and the battles. She’s made an immense difference to many ladies told they ‘just had to live with it’.  That holistic help, a whole-person approach, has guided Michelle’s latest string to her already impressive bow.

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Desired Physique has always been much more than personal training – it’s a unique business. With Michelle’s holistic approach and unwavering support, women can learn to control endo symptoms and effects, not be controlled by them. That admirable gift for helping is why extending the coaching side of Desired Physique made perfect sense. Now, Michelle is bringing that unmatched empathy and insight to help a whole new swathe of clients. Desired Physique now delivers dedicated spiritual coaching.

Mind and Body; Body and Soul

As a Level 3 qualified PT and Nutrition Coach, Michelle already knows the body and what it needs for optimal health inside out. Nowadays, thankfully, we’re all a little more aware of our mental health and spiritual wellbeing – and the need for real self-care. Real self-care doesn’t mean spa days or naps (though hey, if they help, go for it…) Self-care is about looking after the whole person. The very spirit and being of the person.

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Too often, anything spiritual is dismissed as woo-woo or new age. However, Michelle’s extensive knowledge, vast experience, and down-to-earth approach ensure that her spiritual mindset coaching is firmly rooted in reality and common sense. She laughs “we don’t chuck sage around!” People have so much to think about and juggle: work, home, friends, family, partners, children, and money. So many responsibilities and demands. It’s little wonder that when we don’t feel quite ourselves, just not quite right, EVERYTHING starts to suffer.

Mindset Coaching Magic

Michelle’s spiritual mindset coaching qualification may be a relatively recent addition, but it has been hundreds of hours in the making. Not just that, but it underlines and reinforces what Michelle was already delivering for so many of her clients. The very specific spiritual coaching qualification took tried and tested coaching skills and added research-backed practice and systems, combined with a deep understanding of what it means to explore a spiritual path. Alongside Michelle’s legendary empathy and mentorship, what results is “entirely practical with a sprinkling of magic.”


Michelle’s qualification has been designed so she can help clients:

  • Live an aligned and purposeful life
  • Discover their spirituality
  • Overcome limiting beliefs
  • Form and manifest their future vision
  • Connect with their true self on a deeper level
  • Find more joy, colour, and happiness in their lives

More Than a Qualification

Coaching is a skill; being a good coach is more than a qualification. Michelle was already a good coach, an exceptional one, in fact. The qualification confirms that. Spiritual coaching means listening deeply, hearing what isn’t said as much as what is, and allowing clients to explore their own thoughts and beliefs. Michelle will guide her clients to find their own answers and put those answers into practice. She’s not hanging up her PT hat, though, far from it. That expertise will still be more than valid as spiritual well-being is intrinsically linked to physical health. She can also make use of her impressive network of fellow well-being professionals and will cheerfully tailor her approach and coaching style to the client.

michelle brookes PT

Primarily, Michelle will offer a 12-week programme tailored entirely to each client. However, if a client needs more, or a different approach, Michelle will ensure that’s taken care of, too.  For example, some people may be more comfortable with online sessions and support. That’s fine too. And however a client wants to work with Michelle, she’s always there to listen, support and guide. That’s coaching wherever and whenever is convenient. There will be NO one-size-fits-all approach; in fact, Michelle will write each client’s programme WITH the client.

When the Going Gets Tough, Michelle’s Got You Covered

Michelle has spoken before about tough times in her life, especially losing her beloved mum and her struggle with endometriosis. Having met someone recently who has helped to celebrate life and realised that those we lose would hate us to be miserable, this is the right time to help more people. Michelle aims to help people find ‘what lights them up’. This is fundamental to spiritual coaching. What do we WANT? And what do we LOVE? More, what do we simply lose ourselves in?

“If you would like to resolve anything that has been a problem with your health and wellbeing, are struggling with your health goals, or need a safe space to talk through some issues, I can offer you a helping hand.

Ten years in the fitness industry. Five years as a nutrition coach. And now a qualified spiritual life coach. That all allows me to offer a well-rounded knowledge of ALL that is health and wellbeing.

Please don’t put off anything that is bothering you. We have ONE health, so it is worth looking after.”

michelle brookes meditating

It’s time to stop the noise and clutter in your head, stop stresses getting in the way of life – and start actually LIVING it.

Get in touch with Michelle via her directory listing or the information below, and find out more what else she can offer:


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