Champion of Women’s Health: I LOVE Desired Physique

15 Oct 2021

We were excited to meet up again with Michelle ‘Shell’ Brookes, owner of Desired Physique. Not just because of her amazing Grand Designs-esque house, but we know that she’s ridden the Covid wave and has come out the other side stronger and busier than ever.

Being Prepared

It’s been tough for many businesses over the past few years, and Shell, a personal trainer and endometriosis coach, has had to adapt and change her entire business. Thankfully, she pre-empted events and moved her clients online before the first lockdown was announced.

And guess what the most stressful thing about March 2020 was for Cheadle Hulme’s popular PT? Not being able to find a webcam. Luckily, Julie Elder from Totally Holistic Health came to her rescue, and Shell was up and running on Zoom before Boris could ask for the next slide.

Moving Online

Moving a face-to-face business online seems like a daunting task. But for Shell, it felt like the right thing to do. She was able to offer more online group classes and work shorter hours. There was no more travelling to see clients, and it provided both her and clients with regular catch-ups.

She also offered Positivity classes where people came to chat, and Shell would share tips about staying positive during such a difficult time. For Shell, this connection with people helped her manage lockdown successfully.

The other benefit of moving online was Desired Physique suddenly became an international business. Shell found herself training clients in Canada, America and even Thailand. It’s made her see Desired Physique’s potential and has fuelled her fire to eventually take the business to France.

Writing a Book

You’d think changing a business model and running online training during a global pandemic was quite a big undertaking. Never one to slow down, Shell then decided to use her lockdown time to write her first E-book. A Three-Step Guide To Improve Endometriosis Symptoms takes a holistic approach to dealing with endometriosis symptoms.

Having suffered from endometriosis herself and not finding the answers from the medical profession, Shell took it upon herself to find a way to ease the pain, fatigue and bloating she experienced every month.

Using her knowledge and expertise as a PT and a nutritional coach, Shell compiled a guide to help women take control of their symptoms and learn to work with their cycle, not against it.

Launching a Podcast

On top of that, Shell also launched a podcast during Endometriosis Awareness month last March and has now recorded 10 episodes. Endo Matters gives women access to help and advice about endometriosis and provides practical ideas and suggestions of where to find help.

Whether you listen to Shell talk about endometriosis on her podcast or her Friday ramblings on Facebook, her passion and drive to support other women is clear to see. Her understanding and empathy for women make her the ideal voice for the endometriosis movement.

Supporting Women

Shell has developed an amazing 12-week programme for women suffering endometriosis. Having got her symptoms under control, she now helps women do the same. The 12-week Hormone Harmony programme is a bespoke programme tailored to each individual woman.

It begins with a consultation, so Shell can understand her client’s symptoms, emotions and lifestyle. She then creates a specific plan for the client focusing on nutrition, exercise and stress management. ‘They basically get their own personalised ebook’, says Shell.

As well as this personal guide, Shell checks in with her client weekly to discuss how the plan is going. Clients keep a food diary, track their mood and emotions and their energy levels, and pinpoint possible triggers and work on reducing endometriosis symptoms.

The aim is to start seeing changes after the 12 weeks, whether it’s having more energy, feeling less pain, and reducing inflammation.

After 12 weeks, many clients join the Hormone Mastery Programme, which gives them one call a month with Shell. This is purely a supportive accountability call to answer any questions, address concerns, and help keep people motivated to stick to the plan.

Whether it’s a PT session, nutrition coaching or endometriosis support, Shell can keep people accountable and help them stay fit and healthy.

Loving Her Job

When I asked Shell what the best part of her job was, she said people with no hesitation. ‘I get the most joy out of speaking with people, and my best days are days filled with client sessions’. And it’s her personality that’s definitely part of her USP. Shell has become an in-demand PT this year, working flat out to train the people of Cheadle Hulme and beyond.

Thinking back to the pandemic, Shell said it was sad walking through Cheadle Hulme during the lockdowns: ‘With everything closed, its buzz wasn’t there.’ And what was the first place she visited when lockdown was lifted? ‘The Hesketh‘, she replies, laughing!

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