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28 Jul 2021

Savage Dog KILLS Child’s Best Friend: That should be a newspaper headline. But it’s not, because the victim was ‘only’ a dog. Really, it’s a headline that should never be written, because this attack shouldn’t have happened at all.

Little Cavachon, Hettie, and her young owner, did nothing wrong and were minding their own business as they walked along Ack Lane West, in Cheadle Hulme on Tuesday afternoon.  Heartbreakingly, a large, ferocious dog attacked and killed Hettie.

Nobody should have dogs that can behave this way. Everyone should have their dogs under control. Those who have dogs with ANY questionable tendencies at ALL should keep them securely, ideally muzzled, as responsible owners do. Irresponsible people simply shouldn’t own dogs. It beggars belief, but the perpetrator has attacked and injured before. But, because that victim was also ‘only’ a dog; because the attacker perhaps wasn’t a ‘banned breed’, somebody’s best friend has now been brutally killed.

Dogs are Family

Let’s be very clear here. There is NO SUCH THING as ‘only’ a dog. Our dogs are family; they are loved. Or they should be – if not, you’re doing it wrong. Dogs feel, they think, and ALL of them matter. Even if you’re not a dog person, you know that cruelty, inflicting fear and pain, is plain wrong.

When you’re in charge of ANY dog, you have a duty of care to it, to other people, and to other dogs. To allow a dog to attack and hurt another should be criminal. It is wrong. Full stop.

Justice for Hettie

When sweet, inoffensive little Cavalier-cross-Bichon Frise, Hettie, went out for her daily walk with her beloved 14-year-old owner, nobody could’ve imagined the horrific incident about to unfold. Except, perhaps, the owners of the vicious dog who has behaved this way before. Or, indeed, the lady and dogs previously bitten by it.

As Hettie trotted innocently up Ack Lane West, this large, powerful, and dangerously out-of-control dog charged out of its house and savaged her. NO provocation. NO warning. And absolutely NO chance for poor little Hettie. Hettie’s young owner will never, EVER forget what happened that day.

Please Help

This is what Hettie’s owner bravely posted:

“Yesterday afternoon, my 14-year-old daughter was walking our dog Hettie, on Ack Lane West in Cheadle Hulme, near the Cottage Dental practice. Another dog viciously attacked Hettie.

My poor dog died. You can only imagine the trauma to our daughter – not only is she in shock at losing our beloved dog, but also it was a terrible, vicious attack.

She was just walking down the pavement. The dog ran out and savaged our dog, as you can imagine my daughter was hysterical but thankfully there were some people around who did their best to help. I want to thank those people, I am unsure who you all were. My daughter can’t talk about the attack and keeps having panic/breathing attacks, it was so horrific.

My husband rushed there and drove our dog to the vets with two wonderful ladies – one who held our dog and a lady called Alison from the Cottage Dental Practice. Thank you so much to those ladies for your help. I know it was awful.

My daughter’s friend, along with her brother and her Mum were at the dentist at the time, so they helped my daughter so much, contacted me and took care of her until I arrived. My daughter’s friend fainted with the trauma.

I believe this dog attacked another dog just two days before it killed Hettie, and also a lady last week, so please be careful if walking a dog down that road.

Unbelievably, the owner of the vicious dog wasn’t just unhelpful, she was abusive to my husband.

This is now in the hands of the police. If anyone has any more information, please contact the Police with this incident number: 163127072021

Thank you again everyone involved for your support and kindness. I can’t believe our loving, kind, loyal dog has been so cruelly taken from us.”

Not the First Time

Many people – just a few of which we’re quoting here – have contacted us to report their own experiences and near-misses with this dog. They will now pass these concerns on to the police:

*Sept 2020 – I was working over the road and we noticed the dog was out a lot. He was going for a young boy and also another dog. I was with my builder in his van and we offered the boy, help to jump in our van as it was going for him. Happy to support the police investigation

*13 July 2021 – I was attacked by a massive dog on Ack Lane West yesterday – I think it was a pit bull – when out walking my small dog with my two sons. I ended up in the road with traffic stopping on both sides and I was badly bitten and traumatised. It was huge and muscular, a light grey colour, perhaps a Staff cross. The police have been helpful and I have a crime reference number. I am doing ok, the doctors at Cheadle Hulme Health Centre were brilliant, I am on antibiotics and had a tetanus jab. Thankfully I didn’t need stitches but I am bruised and sore. Kept having flashbacks which is awful but so thankful that nothing happened to my boys and dog.

  • *I was walking to the dentist and the dog would not let me get past. It stood there snarling and baring its teeth.
  • *I have had issues round there with a large grey bull mastiff in the past.”


For all the hard-hitting, emotive headline, and our determination that something like this must NEVER happen again, we want to pass on our love to all Hettie’s devastated family. We, too, want to thank everyone who helped. This could have happened to any of us. Dogs are family, and they deserve our love, care – and recognition in law as more than mere property.

If you have had similar experiences with this dog on Ack Lane West please contact the police quoting 163127072021

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