I LOVE that Famous Henrys Opens Soon!

26 Jun 2020

At last. Lads, step away from your cheapo clippers and those misleadingly simple YouTube tutorials. Seriously. Step away NOW. Your mullet is no more. Your bowlhead’s days are numbered. Famous Henrys is BACK!
Well, they will be, from 8am on 4th July, following the latest announcement from the Government. In the meantime, we want to see your home haircut attempts – or Grizzly Adams impressions. We could do with a laugh…

Health, Safety and Haircuts

Joking aside, you can rest assured that every necessary precaution will be taken ahead of reopening. During lockdown, each shop has been completely sanitised and redecorated. At Famous Henrys, the wellbeing of their valued customers and invaluable staff is paramount. Hygiene was already always a priority, and any extra health and safety measures required will be in place.
That famous Famous Henrys  vibe, naturally, will remain unaffected, as will the friendly welcome and the level of comfort. As a refreshingly different sort of barber’s shop, Famous Henrys give their clients chance to chill and enjoy a bit of a pamper. There’s free wi-fi too. This is your time. The reviews kind of sum it up, and this one especially succinctly: “Top group of barbers, wicked haircuts and a good laugh. From Dom”

Everything You Need from Your Barber

There are two Famous Henrys shops just here in Cheadle Hulme. With a shop on Turves Road and one on Gillbent, you have a Famous Henrys in easy reach. There are branches in Wilmslow and Hazel Grove, too, if you’re in those necks o’the woods. The business will continue to grow and improve, despite the setback of the Covid19 crisis.

Famous Henrys boast a talented team of barbers, all of whom are continually learning, training, and developing their skillset. On reopening, there will be five barbers in each shop to ensure everyone gets their fresh trim. The company and their staff all pride themselves on the dynamic yet laid-back atmosphere in all their shops, and Famous Henrys are happy to help and support their barbers in every aspect of their job.

Rigorous training is provided to all new staff who join the company, so Famous Henrys barbers are armed with all the latest cutting-edge techniques. Short-back-and-sides or a state-of-the-art skin fade, all Famous Henrys barbers are amongst the best in the business and lockdown hasn’t changed that. Your DIY lopsided look will soon be a thing of the past.

Proud to be a Local Independent

Famous Henrys are renowned for their generous and ongoing community support. They support many of our local schools and good causes and are always happy to do so. Famous Henrys are also the first employer of many of local young lads – and girls – giving them valuable experience in a work environment and the chance to earn their own money. These junior roles can really benefit these young people, allowing them gain confidence in a supportive work and business environment, regardless of future career aspirations.

Proud to be a Family Firm

Famous Henrys is absolutely a family business. Set up with the intention of giving genuine opportunities and career prospects to young people. Famous Henrys have now been going over seven years, so are officially a Cheadle Hulme fixture. Late night opening, early mornings and Sundays were all put in place to give the clients exactly what they want – and need.

Still very much a family business, Famous Henrys is also proud to be a business ‘family’. There is an undeniable work ethic and pride in the work plus a real camaraderie – and, when life gets back to normal, a social side. Famous Henrys LOVES Cheadle Hulme. The owners live here and use the local businesses here, many of the team live locally too.

Back for Good…Haircuts!

Roll on the fourth of July! Appointments will be on a walk-in system for the first few days and opening hours will be from 8am until 7pm, to give everyone a fair crack of the whip. Until then, Famous Henrys can’t wait to welcome you back. I’m thinking wives, girlfriends, partners and parents will share that enthusiasm. We’re counting the days!

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