George Osborne meets Bramhall Business Mums

27 Apr 2015

Fountains Road Bakery & Cafe hosted a visit from The Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne on Saturday, meeting Bramhall Business Mums.

With the usual entourage and security team that follows The Chancellor of the Exchequer (a rare sight in Bramhall!) our very own Jessica Sharp at Fountain’s Road Bakery and Cafe hosted afternoon tea with George Osborne, members from the Bramhall & Cheadle Hulme Business Mum’s Networking Group and local Conservative Parliamentary Candidate Mary Robinson.

The meeting was light-hearted and Mr Osborne served cookies to the children (after removing a portion for himself to demonstrate what tax is all about!) and then went on to serve tea to some members of The Bramhall & Cheadle Hulme Business Mum’s Networking group and Mary Robinson.  The group was set up by Family Lawyer, Fiona Turner and it currently has over 30 mum’s who regularly meet together to help each other through many aspects of life – businesses, children, local recommendations for services & trades and a great way of making friends who are juggling working and home life.

Jessica Sharp, owner of Fountains Road Bakery and Cafe has a background in politics and was quick to make a point that it would be very beneficial for the Government to extend the tax credit scheme to after school activities as many working mum’s spend a fortune paying for such activities in order to keep the children occupied so that they can continue to work in jobs that demand inflexible hours i.e. past 3pm (which is a vast percentage).  Mr Osborne said, “I have been in hundreds of meetings regarding tax credits and absolutely no-one has ever mentioned that we should consider after school activities and I think it’s a very valid point and a brilliant idea.”

Wendy Green from I Love Bramhall, presented him with an I Love Bramhall mug and some goodies too!

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