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9 Aug 2016

The team at Adeona Travel, Cheadle Hulme are Helen, Ian, Dina and Karen. They pride themselves on creating unforgettable holidays – and offering real value for money. ‘Value for money’ means getting the best possible holiday experience without paying silly money. Adeona Travel really is the place where your holiday begins…

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Adeona was originally Didsbury Travel and Pursers in Gatley. They opened their doors on Station Road in Cheadle Hulme back in 2011, taking over from Hilma Travel. The team LOVE Cheadle Hulme. They love being part of the community, and love seeing local businesses – like Pimlotts – thrive. Their customers come back again and again – and then their customers’ children grow up and use Adeona too.

Adeona Travel’s expert team utilise their extensive insider knowledge – meaning stress-free travel, and invaluable, incisive destination advice. When you book with Adeona Travel you can simply relax – your holiday will be amazing and your money is totally safe. They’re backed by ATOL and the TTA, and offer the Adeona Travel 100% financial guarantee. Adeona are also part of the Association of Independent Tour Operators. AITO is a really niche organisation, representing 122 of Britain’s best independent tour operators. AITO members must provide the highest level of customer satisfaction, concentrating on ‘Choice, Quality and Service’.

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Adeona Travel – In the Know

Adeona also know where to find all the room upgrades and the best offers. They know the very best ways to travel anywhere. Ian for example, is the flight expert. Helen says ‘there’s nothing Ian doesn’t know about flights. He knows every airport and connection inside-out.’ Those offers on the internet might look enticing, but Adeona KNOW travel. They know when certain destinations are just too hot, or when it’s hurricane season – and they get to know YOU. Give them a wish list and they will customise the perfect trip for you. They also have regular special and last-minute offers, so it’s well worth keeping an eye on the website.

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The Holiday YOU Want

From an idyllic Italian Lakes holiday, to a self-drive tour of the US; a flight to visit a relative to a UK staycation or weekend city break – whatever you need, the team at Adeona Travel will save you time and money – all while getting the details absolutely right!
So, where are people travelling? Helen tells me ‘Sardinia is popular this year, and there are some really lovely properties in Greece. Cruising and river cruising – the Russian waterways, for example – are really growing markets, too. We can also arrange UK holidays as well as events, coach and rail tours.’ They all have their own personal favourites, too. Dina would love Mauritius, Helen visited Vietnam and Cambodia, cruising up the Mekong. Karen enjoyed seeing the Northern lights and Ian, the flight expert, loves the Caribbean island of Saint Martin – where the planes come into land over the beach…

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Adeona Travel Know YOU

There’s a real sense of quality with Adeona Travel. Good, honest quality without pretention, or ‘bling’. You’re assured of a truly personal and expert service. Adeona Travel really get to know their clients. By understanding exactly what you want, they can be really creative. They respond when customers contact them with holiday ideas, but are always on the look-out for that special place that will suit their customers perfectly. Just flicking through travel websites and brochures might give you a few ideas – but if you want someone to really help and guide you, and get the details of your holiday just right, then talk to the professionals at Adeona Travel.

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Make every holiday a dream holiday, with Adeona Travel. And when you get back, let them know EXACTLY what you thought of your stay – then they can help you start planning your next amazing trip!

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