I LOVE Allure Pamper Palace- You Will Too!

16 Nov 2016

Owner of the Allure Pamper Palace, Leah Houghton, has impeccable beauty credentials. She’s the daughter of Steve who owns Oranges Hair Salon (now in their 40th year) and already runs Allure Nail and Beauty Lounge. Such was the success of Allure that Leah, being a mum herself, decided her younger customers should have their very own salon.

Allure Pamper Palace is a beautiful childrens salon catering for birthday parties, spa days, pamper sessions and even adult events! Its brilliant as parents can relax knowing it’s a totally safe environment and children themselves can be free and have an experience tailored totally to them. EVERYTHING at Allure Pamper Palace is child-oriented. Even the wallpaper can be drawn on, and little touches like glittery napkins make all the difference. Boys aren’t left out either! They loved the recent Paw Patrol party. Even the parents of visitors and party Princesses are impressed. Manager Donna tells me they tend to be excited, too. They comment on the lovely atmosphere then stand back and just look…

Allure Pamper Palace

Leah tells us that demand was high from the start. That makes sense, as there’s nothing quite like Allure Pamper Palace in Cheadle Hulme. One year in and they’re still growing and getting busier – which is what we LOVE to hear about our local businesses. Donna’s appointment is due to Allure Pamper Palace’s success. She LOVES her job and tells me: ‘parties rely on us to get it right. That’s a big responsibility, to make someone’s day extra special’. The girls have also taken on feedback – hence the Paw Patrol party, which was of course a roaring success. They’re looking into other aspects to the parties, food, bouncy castles – even ponies! Hopefully, Leah tells me, they’ll get other local businesses involved and introduce more packages. Franchising the Pamper Palace is also something on the horizon…

Allure Pamper Palace

Allure Pamper Palace was not just Leah’s brainchild, but also her own sheer hard graft. The building is a converted garage and once it was wired, plumbed and plastered, Leah did everything herself. What was the biggest challenge? Leah shrugs and smiles – clearly she takes pretty much everything in her stride. The best bit, however – well that’s easy to identify. Leah tells me that seeing the children LOVE their parties is everything. It’s also lovely to see the parents thrilled – and amazed that they’ve not had to do anything!

Allure Pamper Palace

It was actually more of a challenge to set up the adult’s salon. Leah was still working full time, which wasn’t easy as she’s so hands on. The night prior to opening they suffered a flood – but, in true Leah style, it was quickly sorted. Her regular clients have become her good friends – and they’re all friends with each other. A morning in the salon is very much a social occasion.

Allure Pamper Palace

Leah and Donna both LOVE Cheadle Hulme of course. Leah has been here ‘forever’ – it’s home. She loves that she can find everything in Cheadle Hulme. There’s a lovely variety of businesses, she thinks, and the area is constantly evolving. Between them, they say, they’ve sampled every food outlet in the village! They love Platform 5 and Waterhouses, but wish there were more child-friendly eateries or play areas.

It’s lovely to see a business do so well and more so when it’s genuinely local. I LOVE Allure Pamper Palace – and I guarantee you and your little Princess will, too.

  • Address : 7 Mellor Road, Cheadle Hulme SK8 5AT
  • Facebook : Allure Pamper Palace
  • Phone : 07952 970248

Allure Pamper Palace

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