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19 Aug 2019

A company formed by Tony Smith, Beespoke Kitchens specialise in the design and fitting of customised kitchens.

The family kitchen is the heart of many homes, an ideal space for entertaining whilst cooking up culinary treats.


Beespoke Kitchens’ full project management includes the removal of an old kitchen and design for the new space, as well as tiling, electrics, plumbing, and installation; the company alleviates the workload for customers keen to remodel their kitchen, offering specialist advice and an extensive range of services, as explained by Tony:

“We offer pretty much any style of kitchen, and certainly any colour. We build most of the doors and all of the cabinets for our kitchens, and spray everything on-site; if the customer wants a particular colour, we can provide that for them.”


A contender within a highly competitive market, Beespoke kitchens promote the ethos that the customer is paramount, going above and beyond to ensure their clientele are provided with immeasurable service and provided with a high-quality kitchen to grace their home. This philosophy has been imposed by Tony since his foray into the industry:

“The kitchen industry has a bad name for itself, there are quite a few rogue traders and businesses, but we’ve earned a great reputation and have great reviews on Trustpilot and social media. I looked at areas where other companies are going wrong, moulded it together and created Beespoke Kitchens. A lot of the downfalls, in my view, are caused by subbing work out to external companies. Therefore, I employ my fitters, so if there are any problems, I can send them back and ensure that the customer is happy. The more control that a company has, the better the service they can provide.”

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With the company’s current client base extending far and wide, Beespoke Kitchens’ promote the notion that a high-street presence isn’t necessarily a quintessential ingredient for success; Tony and his team of kitchen connoisseurs have built a stellar reputation based on the quality of their kitchens and friendly customer service:

“Because our showroom is based on an industrial estate, we’re open to lots of people in surrounding areas, whereas if you’re on the high-street in a certain town, these businesses tend to serve the local people within that vicinity. Consequently, we have a great radius from where we’re based and can help a wider range of customers.”

Bespoke kitchens 6

First impressions are essential for any business owner in their hunt for prospective clients. The interior of Beespoke Kitchens’ showroom at the industrial unit belies the conventional exterior, with punters consistently bowled over by the products on display:

“When customers visit the showroom, they’re blown away by how stunning it is. It’s one of the biggest things that we get compliments on, from the atmosphere to the quality of the products. We have a high-end product and the decor is stunning; it’s reflective of the product and service that we offer.”

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Beespoke Kitchens is representative of Tony Smith’s entrepreneurial mindset and desire to develop as a businessman. The business is a product of his other company, Kids Funtime Beds, a highly-successful venture that prompted the local businessman to seek a new challenge: 

“I found myself in a position where things were running themselves. The business growth had been huge and I found myself twiddling my thumbs, asking myself: ‘What can I do now?’ I’ve always been an entrepreneur and I love business. The unit next to Kids Funtime Beds became available and it was the right time for the next challenge.” 

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The business continues to go from strength to strength and Tony has set his sights on devoting time to ensuring that the business becomes more established. While company growth may seem the next natural step, Beespoke Kitchens are committed to maintaining their smaller business structure to ensure that the customer base is provided with an excellent service:

“I don’t want to make the business too big. I love working with people, talking to customers and providing a direct, personal approach. It’s not about big money and potentially compromising quality. In my view, it’s about operating on a smaller scale and making sure the customers are happy. If they’re not satisfied, then what’s the point?”

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While the company founder may favour a low-key approach, Beespoke Kitchens has already made a profound impact on the kitchen industry, turning many customer’s dream kitchens into wonderful reality.

To discuss a kitchen refurbishment for your home, call Beespoke Kitchens on 0330 111 5522.


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