I LOVE Beigel – a BIG Idea Born in Lockdown

8 Oct 2020

Bagel /ˈbeɪɡ(ə)l/ (Yiddish: בײגל‎ beygl; Polish: bajgiel), also historically spelled beigel, is a bread product originating in the Jewish communities of Poland. It is traditionally shaped by hand into the form of a ring from yeasted wheat dough, roughly hand-sized, that is first boiled for a short time in water and then baked.

When adorned and enhanced with scrumptious fillings and inventive, home-made flavours, by Cheadle Hulme based Beigel, it becomes the stuff of legend. Nay, the very taste of happiness.

Ok. I added those last two sentences. But you know it makes sense.

Beigels and Dreams

Local lad Rick always dreamed of opening his own business and knew it would be something to do with his passion for food and cooking. He could never have imagined that years of high-pressure sales, corporate burnout, mental health affected by stress and ultimately the unprecedented Covid lockdown would pave the way…

Rick grew up in Altrincham, and left school to get straight down to hard graft at 16. He moved to London, and into a fast-paced sales career at just 18. Once he met wife Miriam he moved to Cheadle Hulme and just hasn’t looked back. Miriam has a huge network of family and friends, and Rick instantly fell in love with, and was welcomed into, our community – the Cheadle Hulme community as a whole and the close-knit and friendly Ramillies estate where the couple, and Miriam’s family all live.

Beigel LOVE Cheadle Hulme

The Ramillies estate, and Lane End Primary School are simply perfect for the couple and their children. The school has a real ‘village school’ feel and is just a few minutes’ walk away. Living in Cheadle Hulme, says Rick, “just feels nice. We have a ‘local’ and everyone says hello and looks out for each other”. Added to that, we have some great businesses, too. Rick loves Waterhouse’s and Pimlott’s. Beigel supply the Chiverton Tap. The children have their hair cut at Boutique Hair on Church Road. The kitchen has beautiful light fittings from LIT.

Rick, Miriam, and the whole family support as many local businesses as they can, both as individuals and as a business – and hope to have Beigel supply many, too. He’s right, of course. Cheadle Hulme has everything we need. Except a deli. We really need a deli. But more of that later…

Beigel Beginnings

So back to Beigel, and its beginnings. The stress of high-pressure corporate sales was already weighing heavy on Rick’s mental health and burnout was clearly looming. Being a husband, a friend and a dad is more important than anything and so Rick’s decision to quit sales and set up on his own was not a difficult one.  The couple love entertaining and having people round, so Rick knew his new business should be about making people happy through food. He wanted to make lunch fun and lunchtime something to look forward to.

Rick created Beigel “to be something different; something you just don’t find on the high street” and, he says, “to deliver restaurant-style and restaurant quality food, but on a bagel”. Ironically, though, he’d never actually eaten one. He’s now made up for lost time on that score. It’s a real family venture. Everyone enjoys tasting and experimenting, and Miriam has been a whizz at the social media marketing side of things.

Happiness on a Plate

As well as the idea of happiness on a plate, the ethos of Beigel is all about supporting local and delivering delicious lunches with a twist. As well as the core menu – which includes the delectable brisket, the t-crunch, and the traditional amongst many mouth-watering others – Rick comes up with a couple of specials every week. He takes his inspiration for these extra-special bagels from cookery books and programmes as well as his favourite restaurant dishes, and everything is made with love.

With a luscious range of hand-baked sweet treats added to the menu, as well as the ever-popular home-made potato salad, fresh soups and cheesy beigel crisps, everyone is catered for – quite literally, as Beigel can cater for parties and gatherings, as well as make up picnics to order.

Beigel is Just the Beginning

On their very first day, Beigel produced 130 lunches and delivered as far afield as Tytherington. Throughout lockdown, Rick delivered to shielding and vulnerable people as well as Stepping Hill hospital. As Covid cases soar and students are stuck indoors instead of enjoying Freshers’ week, he has reached out to offer a discount to Man Met, too. It goes without saying that everything is done by the book. Beigel is registered with the council and has all the correct insurances and hygiene certification in place.

Yes, it’s hard work, yes, the paperwork and procedural stuff is time consuming; yet Rick is happier than ever. He loves being his own boss and loves making people happy with food. Beigel is just the beginning. Remember that deli that Cheadle Hulme needs? Well, watch this space. Rick doesn’t just dream. He DOES.

Facebook: Beigel Cheshire

Instagram: @beigelcheshire

Website: www.beigels.co.uk

Phone: 07943 380063

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