I LOVE Chapel Holistics – Beauty Retreat Even More

10 May 2018

Chapel Holistics – Beauty Retreat is exactly that. A complete, relaxing retreat – a cocoon, if you will – away from the hustle and bustle of the shopping, or work, or life generally. Try it. Like me, I guarantee you’ll feel your stresses begin to dissipate as soon as you head up the stairs. Once you’re in the oasis of calm that is Chapel, it’s hard to imagine everything still going on below as you drift away in the care of Team Chapel…

Owner Laura must’ve had some big boots to fill (only metaphorically speaking, of course) when taking over from Carmen, but now it’s as though she’s always been there. Laura says so, too. She didn’t just ‘buy a business’. Chapel was SO much more than that – and, thanks to Laura and the team, still is. Laura was hand-picked to take Chapel forward – and it shows.

Carmen hand-picked Laura to head team Chapel

Laura loves Cheadle Hulme so much she’s moved nearby and has found everyone incredibly welcoming, friendly and accommodating. Other traders in Cheadle Hulme Shopping Centre have welcomed her, too, and Laura has been supporting lots of our other local businesses. So far, she’s loving Hudson’s Coffee Shop, the March Hare, and SK Eight.

So, why Chapel? Laura knew a few years ago that she wanted a different direction in life and so she decided to chase her dream. With her management degree already behind her, Laura began her holistic training. As soon as she viewed Chapel, she knew it was meant to be. It was clearly serendipity, because Carmen and Team Chapel knew Laura was ‘the one’ too. After a three month handover, Laura loved every minute with the talented, approachable, dedicated and laid-back team and couldn’t wait to take the reins. Of the team, Laura says ‘everyone’s so lovely. There are no staff issues, no fighting. It’s a pleasure to come to work’. The taster treatments must help – but Chapel are so busy there’s not much time for that!

Chapel Holistics Beauty Retreat – relax as soon as you head up the stairs

Whilst there’s absolutely no ‘new broom’ mentality, Laura DOES want to embrace and introduce new innovations and treatments. Fairly new to the repertoire is COMCIT, an intensive ‘miracle’ anti-ageing facial:

“A cutting edge anti-ageing treatment that promotes new collagen growth through a series of different treatments, including micro-channelling and Cryo-oxygen. Skin feels firmer, fine lines and wrinkles are plumped out. COMCIT is also fantastic for pigmentation and acne prone skin. Also known as the ‘Instagram facial’ due to the skin having a perfect filter-like finish!”

As the lucky recipient of a course of five COMCIT treatments I can absolutely vouch for this. My skin felt plumper and firmer and was visibly much more radiant. I’m hooked!

Let your cares float away with Cyclossage at Chapel Holistics

Another popular, new innovation is the Cyclossage massage bed. A warming and vibrating bed, Cyclossage delivers relaxation or even pain-relief and can be added to any treatment for just £5 or booked as a stand-alone treatment. Cyclossage adds a blissful facet to a facial, and, with different settings, can be used to help with:

General aches and pains
Upper and lower back pain
Raised blood pressure
Headaches and migraine
Stress and anxiety
Circulation and respiratory problems
Neck and shoulder discomfort
Sciatica and muscle spasm
Arthritis and joint stiffness
Poor lymphatic circulation and oedema
Digestive and abdominal problems
Lack of energy and chronic fatigue
Sleep deprivation
Sport injuries

These new treatments are really just the tip of the iceberg. Laura hopes to really develop the holistic side of Chapel Holistics – Beauty Retreat, but assures me that Chapel will ALWAYS remain a beauty retreat. Fire Cupping and Bamboo Massage already proving popular, while crystal healing, counselling, yoga and mindfulness are all on the radar – and the team are very much open to suggestion. Crystal Clear and Guinot face and body treatments are still perennial and highly-effective favourites, and the Chapel Wax is flawless thanks to Outback Organics. The fellas are still flocking for their Chapel-for-chaps time too.

Award winning Chapel Holistics – Beauty Retreat.

Chapel Holistics is still winning awards – most recently the Luxury Travel Guide Local Community Choice Award, and Chapel is ranked as a top Beauty Salon in Stockport, verified by Yocale.com. It’s wonderful to see that although some things are new, some things are exactly the same. Laura, along with salon manager Charlotte and their wonderful Team Chapel have continued an already amazing job to achieve that.

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