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1 Feb 2021

Cheadle Hulme Osteopath, Oak Health has continued to thrive, though 2020 was a tricky year for small businesses. 2021 has had a shaky start, too.

Fortunately, Wes, the dedicated and experienced trainer and osteopath at Oak Health has been able to continue some of his work. In between Covid restrictions, and tiers permitting, Wes was able to deliver training and osteopathy in Covid safe surroundings. In Lockdown 3.0, osteopathy treatment can continue, though training is on hold. For now…

Wes Tubb – Osteopath and Personal Trainer at Oak Health

Meet Cheadle Hulme Osteopath, Wes

Wes is a highly qualified, expert personal trainer and osteopath with a passion for both golf and cycling. Beginning his career in the army, joining up at the age of seventeen, Wes progressed into the Royal Military Police. It was in the forces that Wes became fascinated with the importance of fitness and health.

On leaving the army, it was a natural progression to combine his extensive knowledge of the human body and exercise in his new career and then business venture. He has continued to learn, grow and develop his professional skills ever since.

More than an Osteopath, More than a Personal Trainer

There aren’t many personal trainers who are also osteopaths. An osteopath can treat a client, yet not be fully au fait with exercise, training and rehabilitation. A personal trainer will know their stuff with exercise and training but may only have basic first aid knowledge and experience with injuries.

Cheadle Hulme osteopath, Wes, at Oak Health is perhaps rather unique. Both Osteopathy patients and personal training clients can really benefit from working with somebody who’s fully qualified and experienced in both areas.

Up Your Game with Specialist Screens for Cyclists and Golfers

As well as inspiring confidence as more than an Osteopath, and much more than a personal trainer, Wes also provides specialist sport-specific clinics. The Oak Health cycling clinics and golf clinics offer detailed and comprehensive sport-specific movement screens. This innovative facility helps to identify exactly how and where technique and fitness for sport can be improved.

This could be just what you need to REALLY up your game, lower your handicap, perfect your swing or increase your cycling speed and distance. Vitally, it could also help avoid painful injuries and associated lay-offs.

Osteopathy for All

As well as helping his fellow golfers and cyclists improve their performance and improve fitness for their sport, Wes treats Osteopathy patients across all ages, all walks of life and all fitness levels – from babies upwards. As a manual therapy, much like chiropractic or physiotherapy, osteopathy is often used to relieve back and neck pain.

Osteopathy is a regulated health profession and is used to diagnose and treat a wide range of medical problems. Osteopathy works with the body’s structure and function. Wellbeing depends on the skeleton, muscles, ligaments and connective tissues being balanced and all functioning smoothly together. Oak Health Osteopathy works to restore the body to a state of balance, without drugs or surgery. Osteopathy aims to detect, treat and prevent health problems by moving, stretching and massaging muscles and joints.

Tailored Training

Wes also builds a good rapport with his clients, believing that personality and relationships are crucial to success. Even the best personal trainer or osteopath in the world will struggle if they fail to get on with the clients. Wes really takes time to understand his clients, their needs, their goals and their problems. As a personal trainer, he promises not to bully – unless that’s what the client prefers!

Stay Healthy and Improve Your Game

A new year is often the catalyst for self-improvement resolutions, new hobbies, or fitness regimes. Don’t let lockdowns and restrictions change that. You may not be able to get out on the golf course just yet, but there ARE exercises you can do and techniques you can practise in your own home. Maybe treat yourself to a putting mat or a chipping net. You can still get out walking the dog – and Wes is proud new dog daddy to the adorable Caspar, a boxer. Caspar joins Wes, his wife Lisa and son Mason and will make lockdown life – and beyond – even better.

Caspar the boxer

Cycling, however, is the perfect lockdown pastime – no excuses there! Take expert advice though. The Oak Health website contains a wealth of information and Wes is always happy to help.

Facebook: @OakPTOsto

LinkedIn: Wes Tubb

Website: www.osteopathcheadlehulme.co.uk

Phone: 07852 130685

Address: 10 Oak Avenue, SK8 5DR

Email: [email protected]


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