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2 Aug 2016

Need a good garage? Head to Cheadle Tyre and Auto. So few of us really know what’s going on under the bonnet – and we’ve all heard those horror stories – so it’s imperative to use mechanics you can trust. That’s what you get with Cheadle Tyre and Auto – just opposite the Kenilworth on Cheadle Road.


Paul Derbyshire and his team can instantly put you at ease. You’ll just know you’re going to get the job done right – and at the right price.

Cheadle Tyre & Auto

Cheadle Tyre & Auto is a completely independent and family-run garage with over 30 years’ experience in the automotive industry. By combining state of the art diagnostic equipment, highly skilled mechanics and excellent customer service, Paul and his team pride themselves on providing customers with the best service possible, bar none.

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Cheadle Tyre & Auto are also able to provide a range of checks on your car for free.

FREE checks Include:

  • Pre MOT check – if you’re not sure your car’s going to pass, get any issues sorted first.
  • Wheel Alignment
  • Balancing
  • Brake Checks
  • Exhaust Checks

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Cheadle Tyre and Auto are a one-stop shop for everything automotive – from emergency repairs to routine maintenance, Paul and the team can – and will – help. Services offered at Cheadle Tyre and Auto also include:


Take care of your tyres and they’ll take care of you! When it comes to vehicle safety, tyres are your car’s ONLY link with the road. In fact, your safety actually relies on an area of contact between tyre and road surface – which is no bigger than the palm of your hand. In addition, tyres also support the entire weight of the vehicle and provide drive and directional control.

Carry out a few simple checks regularly and your tyres will stay safer, longer:

  • Select the right tyre for your vehicle. Ensure tyres are the same size, load index and speed symbol.
  • Visually check the tyre regularly. And don’t forget the spare!
  • Inspect tread depth to ensure tyres are safe and legal. The UK minimum legal tread depth is 1.6mm.
  • Maintain correct inflation pressures. An important factor in safety AND longevity.
  • ALWAYS fit new tyres in sets of two or four. If just two new tyres are fitted, fit them to the rear. For 4x4s use identical size tyres all round.
  • Call in for a wheel alignment check to ensure tyres wear evenly

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Keep an eye – and indeed an ear – out for your exhaust. It’s often fairly obvious when there’s a problem – hissing, chugging, rattling or roaring each indicate specific problems and visible rust or corrosion should always be investigated.


Cheadle Tyre & Auto are experts when it comes to brakes.

Brakes usually give particular warning signs:

  • A low or ‘spongy’ brake pedal can mean there may be air in the system.
  • An amber brake warning light could signal a problem with the ABS.
  • A red brake warning light that could mean there is an imblanace.
  • Continuous squeals and grinding sounds can mean the life of your brakes is up – the need for new brakes is urgent.
  • The thickness of the brake shoes and drum diameter – if worn, they remove less heat, and can cause greater brake pedal travel before your brakes work.
  • Brake pad and Brake disk thickness – if worn they cannot remove the extreme heat produced during braking.

AND problems with your brakes causes longer stopping distances and difficulty stopping in an emergency. DON’T be caught out!

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Cheadle Tyre and Auto can arrange for your MOT – even issuing reminders – and undertake any repairs required. Along with full and interim servicing, Cheadle Tyre and Auto can provide a year’s worry-free motoring!

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Next February, Cheadle Tyre and Auto will have been in business 10 years. Paul was a regional manager for a national tyre and auto care firm, and in fact also ran the Cheadle branch for 2 years. He soon realised that the area was a great family place. with lots of houses and cars. He’d always wanted to work for himself, so when the opportunity came to buy a small, rundown tyre bay in Cheadle Hulme, he knew he could do great things with it. Wife Nicola, a midwife, and children Jake and Evie are justifiably proud.

Paul says: ‘the service side of the business, price and above all, honesty are the blue print for Cheadle Tyre and Auto.

In the early days I was limited to tyres and smaller jobs but know with a brand new tyre bay, external ramps, a new office and more car parking space we can cater for all aspects of mechanical work.

I also enjoy the business side of the job – the marketing, advertising and making the business run more efficiently.

I always use our local businesses – and all my customers say the same thing to me – instead of using the large companies. That’s how I see Cheadle Hulme – a fantastic mix of people who genuinely look after each other.’

Paul also tells me that he has many, many loyal customers – many of whom have been coming to Cheadle Tyre and Auto since they opened. Most new business comes from recommendation and word of mouth, which he finds particularly gratifying – and which REALLY proves he’s doing something right.

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