I LOVE Cheadle Tyre and Auto More Than Ever

24 Mar 2019

Cheadle Tyre and Auto – just across Cheadle Road from the Kenilworth – have just celebrated their THIRTEENTH birthday. Congratulations, Paul.

For any business to thrive is testament to superb service and expertise. For a mechanic to do this well, then add honesty and reliability to that. Paul has many years’ experience and worked locally, so, when the opportunity came to buy a small, rundown tyre bay in Cheadle Hulme, he knew it could be brilliant. Now, his customers come back again and again. Better yet, they recommend Cheadle Tyre and Auto to their friends and family. There’s no higher recommendation.

Cheadle Tyre and Auto


Paul says: ‘the service side of the business, price, and above all, honesty were my blue-print for Cheadle Tyre and Auto. Now, we’ve built a brand-new tyre bay, external ramps, a new office and more car parking, so we can do it all! We’ve also set up a mobile tyre service, SK8 Tyres, meaning we can fix or replace your tyres even if you can’t get here.”

Do you know much about cars? Any idea about engines or exhausts? Me neither, so it really is crucial to find a trustworthy and skilled mechanic. A company who’ll take care of your car, tell you exactly – and clearly – what the problem is, and fix it. Without ripping you off. That’s what you get with Cheadle Tyre and Auto.

Cheadle Tyre and Auto


Paul and his experienced, helpful team get the job done right, and at the right price. They’re a completely independent and family-run business with over 30 years’ experience. With state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, experienced mechanics and five-star customer care, the Cheadle Tyre team deliver the best service possible, every time:

“Took my car in for a service and…they found some faults, they contacted me straight away to notify me of the problems and the price it would cost. They asked if I was happy for them to carry out the extra work, the price was a very good one they also did the extra work there and then, saving me a lot of hassle. All the staff were more than helpful and did an excellent job. I will always go there in the future, and I will recommend them to all my friends and family. A very well-run and organized company, great service”

“So impressed with the service that I had recently on my Volvo. I had already taken it to several garages. Cheadle Tyre picked up the car repaired the problem and even returned it to my home address. Very knowledgeable and professional.”

“Excellent, friendly service. Always value for money. I  won’t take my car anywhere else!”

“I have used Paul and the team for years, covering hi-spec tyres for Porsches and Mercedes through to standard tyres for the kids’ Polo. The service is great, the pricing excellent and I must have bought more than 50 tyres from him. Says it all really. P.S. they’re great at servicing as well.”

“I would recommend Cheadle Tyre & Auto to anybody. For fair and friendly advice on all car issues I’ve yet to find anywhere to beat it. You won’t be ripped off and I’ve always been told upfront what the cost will be before any work is carried out. No nasty surprises. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.”

Cheadle Tyre and Auto


As well as first class service, Cheadle Tyre & Auto will also perform checks on your car for free:

Pre-MOT check.
Wheel Alignment.
Brake Checks.
Exhaust Checks.

Cheadle Tyre and Auto take care of everything on your car. Emergency repairs or regular servicing, Paul and the team will sort it:


Your car’s tyres are its ONLY link with the road, so your safety – and your family’s – relies on that tiny area of contact. Tyres also support the entire weight of the vehicle. Keep your tyres safer, longer:
Buy the right tyres for your vehicle.
Check tyres regularly – spare too.
Inspect tread – make sure tyres are safe and legal.
Check pressures – an important factor in safety, longevity AND fuel economy.
Fit new tyres in sets of two or four. If just two new tyres are fitted, fit them to the rear. For 4x4s use identical size tyres all round.
Call in for a wheel alignment check to ensure tyres wear evenly.

Cheadle Tyre and Auto


It’s often obvious when there’s a problem. Hissing, chugging, rattling or roaring indicate specific problems, and rust or visible wear should always be investigated.


Cheadle Tyre & Auto are experts when it comes to brakes. Brakes usually give particular warning signs. Look out for a low or ‘spongy’ brake pedal, squeals or grinding noises .and warning lights – never ignore these. Even relatively minor brake problems can cause longer stopping distances and difficulty stopping. DON’T be caught out.

Cheadle Tyre and Auto


Cheadle Tyre and Auto can arrange your MOT, issue reminders and undertake any repairs required. They also take care of servicing, so Cheadle Tyre and Auto give you a year of worry-free motoring.

After thirteen years in business – and thirteen years in Cheadle Hulme – Cheadle Tyre and Auto are part of the landscape, and our community. They’ve looked after mine – and my family’s – cars for years, so I can say without any shadow of doubt that I really DO love Cheadle Tyre and Auto. Here’s to the next thirteen years!

Cheadle Tyre and Auto

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