I LOVE Cheadle Tyre and Auto Even MORE

25 Jun 2020

Cheadle Tyre and Auto is located just off Cheadle Road near Players Theatre and opposite the Kenilworth. They are now in the FIFTEENTH year of business caring for the cars (and vans, trucks, motorbikes etc) of Cheadle, Cheadle Hulme, Bramhall – and beyond.

Going the Extra Mile

The business is going from strength to strength and that is largely due to the to faultless customer service and many years of expertise. At Cheadle Tyre and Auto, their honesty and reliability are also integral to their success. Paul is not just a highly experienced car mechanic with many years under his belt, but a friendly, cheery chap who goes the extra mile. He has gathered an equally talented team around him. More than that, they are all just as helpful and approachable, and happy to explain engine problems in a nutshell.

From Banger to Beamer

Cheadle Tyre and Auto were once little more than a little shack housing a dilapidated tyre bay. Thankfully, Paul had vision and knew he was onto a winner. Fifteen years on, the garage is a million miles from its humble origins and the business is a big part of the local community. Customers are made to feel like friends, so they come back, over and over again. Best of all, they are happy to recommend Cheadle Tyre and Auto to their friends and family. Really, there can be no higher recommendation.

Cheadle Tyre and Auto

The Blue-Print

Paul says: ‘customer care, reasonable pricing, and above all, honesty formed the blue-print for Cheadle Tyre and Auto. That ethos hasn’t changed.” Over the past few years, as demand has grown, Paul has added a brand-new tyre bay and external ramps. He’s built a new and bigger office and made more car parking spaces. All to look after even more customers and their cars. Cheadle Tyre take care of

  •  🚙 Brakes
  •  🚙 Tyres
  •  🚙 Exhausts
  •  🚙 Full Servicing
  •  🚙 Interim Servicing
  •  🚙 Oil Changes
  •  🚙 Routine Checks
  •  🚙 Urgent Repairs
  •  🚙 Aircon
  •  🚙 Batteries
  •  🚙 Suspension
  •  🚙Clutches
  •  🚙 Any anything else your car needs…

If you’re not quite sure what the problem is – or even if there IS a problem, don’t worry. Paul will be happy to have a look and let you know what, if anything, is needed.

Tyres – to YOU

Have you seen the SK8 Tyres van bobbing around Stockport? The mobile tyre service is also brought to you – literally – by Cheadle Tyre and Auto. Your punctures can be fixed or your tyres replaced, even if you can’t get to the garage. SK8 Tyres bring just the same reassuring level of honesty and first-class service – right to your door. Or your office. Or wherever you happen to be when the tyre goes down. Everything is arranged online, in just a few clicks and with totally transparent pricing.

Cheadle Tyre and Auto

Caring for Customers

Throughout the Covid19 crisis and lockdown, Paul has continued to look after keyworkers’ cars. He even went out on a bank holiday Monday to ensure a Chelwood Foodbank Van could be back on the road helping some of Stockport’s struggling families. Now back to normal opening, everyone can get their cars sorted, and with every health and safety precaution necessary.

Paul and his experienced, helpful team get the job done right, and at the right price. They’re a completely independent garage, a genuinely family-run business with eons of experience. Equipped with the very latest diagnostic gear and state-of-the-art technology, talented and dedicated mechanics and five-star customer service, Cheadle Tyre aim to deliver the best service possible. Every customer, every time.

Cheadle Tyre and Auto

Trust is Everything

Seriously, do you know much about the workings of your car? Do you have a clue about engines or exhausts? Nope, nor me. That’s why it’s vital to find a garage you can trust. A garage to take care of you and your car. A garage to tell you just what the problem is, and simply fix it for you. Without stress, without hassle and without taking the mickey, money-wise. That’s what you get with Cheadle Tyre and Auto. And I Love Cheadle Hulme LOVE them!

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