I LOVE Cheshire Home Valeting

9 Mar 2021

Hello; I’m Kate and my car is known as ‘the skip’. Intelligent life is evolving from age-old gunk between the rear seats.

Muddy dogs simply disregard the dog guard. I tend to apologise when taking it to the car wash. Or pretend it’s not mine. Imagine, then, my delight, when my second son informed me his friend of many years, Luke Davidson, had set up a mobile car valeting business.

Truly Local Lads

After years of lifts to footy matches – with both Lane End Primary School and Inter Cheadle JFC – Luke was all-too aware of the challenges my car presented. Equally conscientious and personable business partner, Will Callan, however, not so much. Bless him. He hid his horror ever so well. The lads simply cracked on and gave it everything, presenting me with a car as shiny as when I left the showroom.

Luke, like his three older siblings, is Cheadle Hulme-born and bred – another fine Lane End Primary and Cheadle Hulme High School and Sixth Form alumni. Partner Will is a lifelong Bramhall boy, coming through the ranks at Pownall Green and Stockport Grammar School. Still only 20, both are an absolute delight to have around, and I hope it’s not patronising to say their parents must be very proud. Make no mistake though, these are not glorified bob-a-job car washers. This is a serious set up, and they do a faultless job using top grade products and equipment. They’re going to go far.

Care for Your Prized Possession

Luke and Will saw not just a gap in the market. It was, they felt, a gaping hole. They set up Cheshire Home Valeting having witnessed a distinct lack of care for people’s prized cars at some other car washes. They aimed to create a more personal, reassuring, and easy experience for clients. Cars aren’t cheap. Good cars are extremely expensive. People deserve to have them properly taken care of, and that’s exactly what they get.

Cheshire Home Valeting aren’t like other valeters or car washes. The care they have for their customers truly sets them apart. They get to know their clients – and their cars. Regular customers enjoy reward schemes, with discounts or extras. They pride themselves on building strong relationships with customers meaning customers are confident in them. It’s crucial to trust the person working on your pride and joy.

Supercars and Scruffy Cars

It’s testament to Cheshire Home Valeting’s ethos and level of service that they have already revitalised some really rather desirable cars. Clients have included:

  • Bentley Bentayga
  • Bentley Continental
  • Audi R8
  • Aston Martin SuperLeggera
  • Tesla X Model
  • Ford Mustang
  • Porsche Boxster

Don’t worry though, they’re not precious and EVERYONE’S car gets a meticulous valet and a five-star service. Luke laughs “oh yes. We have done a few hideous ones – mouldy minis and an extremely mouldy Citroen C1 which can be seen on our Instagram”. I’m thrilled to note that mine hasn’t made it to the Instagram Hall of Shame.

Five Star Service, Shine and Smile

Luke and Will absolutely love to see customers’ reactions, “it’s so great to see people are happy with what we do. It’s a privilege to work on such amazing cars and to meet so many friendly local residents. We’ve had some great chats with, and advice from, many people whose cars we’ve cleaned.”

It can’t have been easy over Winter, working in such cold weather, but still their service with a smile and fastidious detailing stood out. Luke and Will LOVE Cheadle Hulme AND Bramhall. They’re big on supporting local businesses and can’t wait to get back to supporting the John Millington and Inventery. They treat themselves to lunch from our local cafes and buy equipment from Snape and Son. They’d love to see more young people starting their own businesses.

Cheshire Home Valeting LOVE Cheadle Hulme (and Bramhall)

Luke tells me, “business is great at the moment and we owe a lot to I Love Cheadle Hulme, you have been great for us!” Shucks. Seriously, though, it’s ever so easy to support local businesses when they’re THIS good. Cheshire Home Valeting deliver a superb service yet don’t charge the earth.

Book in advance, the lads are currently operating a waiting list but doing their best to fit everyone in within a few days. Maybe it’ll soon be time to expand. Watch this space…

These young men are going to do very, very well – and they will deserve it. What’s more, your car deserves Cheshire Home Valeting.

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