I LOVE the Chiverton Tap

30 Jan 2017

The Chiverton Tap is yet another Cheadle Hulme success story. Opened by Mary and Bob Ellis and Andrew O’Shea in May 2015, it’s already been accepted as one of our own, complete with widely-used nickname.

The Chiv is Cheadle Hulme’s first ever micro pub – indeed, the North West’s first ever micro pub – and already has honours to its name:

Chiverton Tap

So, what IS a micro pub, exactly? As well as being small (but perfectly formed), a micro pub is usually born in previous retail premises and is a free house (so not tied to any brewery). Mary and Bob had lots of help and support from the Bollington Brewery and Salford’s Outstanding Brewery, so their beers are always featured, amongst several others.

As Bob says,

‘their products are excellent, so we’re more than happy to work with them’.

The Chiverton Tap offers a more traditional experience than most pubs. With no blaring music and no intrusive tellies, it’s all about the people, and the conversation. That said, this is no spit-and-sawdust experience. As smart and contemporary as all our best local hostelries, but with a nod to its past with the artefacts and photographs of the Chiv’s past life as an olde-worlde Draper. Have a look the next time you’re in – it’s fascinating.

Chiverton Tap

There are piles of books of every genre for visitors to borrow and loads of board games. Think dominoes to Trivial Pursuit and virtually everything else in between, including (but not limited to):

  • – Monopoly
  • – Scrabble
  • – Cluedo
  •  – Buckaroo
  • – Operation
  • – Dingbats
  • – Pass the Bomb and even Pie Face!

Several groups meet in the Chiv – and any more would be very welcome. Have a chat with Mary for details. There’s a Book Group on the third Tuesday of the month, a Brew Club on the 2nd Tuesday and an Italian Conversation Group every 2nd Wednesday. A Knit and Natter (or Stitch and Bitch?!) group would go down VERY well, we think.

As Mary says,

‘the ethos is the people – it’s about returning pubs to what they used to be. The Chiverton Tap’s a place to meet, chat and drink good beer’.

Most importantly – and perhaps key to the Chiv’s so-far stellar success – the concept is constantly evolving. It’s not about what Mary and Bob want – but what Cheadle Hulme wants. Yes, the Chiv is all about the good beers and real ales – but they stock really good wine (I can cheerfully vouch for their particularly crisp and fresh New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc) as well excellent spirits from small producers.

Mary and Bob must be very experienced publicans, then? Far from it – the Chiv is actually their very first venture (although their second, Bramhall’s Mounting Stone, is already equally popular). Together twenty years and both formerly in the legal profession, Bob has always had a passion for beer. He’s been a CAMRA member since he was 18, enjoyed countless beer festivals and always travelled with his trusty Good Beer Guide in hand. Opening a pub was something of a lifelong ambition.

Chiverton Tap

When the time came, it simply HAD to be Cheadle Hulme. Mary and Bob live locally, worked above Gusto and so knew the area well. They loved – and still love – the John Millington, and felt Cheadle Hulme has a real buzz as well as the perfect community feel. Everything fell into place – some things are just mean to be. After first considering what’s now the Board, they noticed the shop premises as they’re involved with CHADS at the top of Mellor Road. Brian, the Landlord, LOVED the idea and has been on board right from the off.

Chiverton Tap

So, there must have been challenges? Indeed. Bowled over by the Chiv’s instant popularity, Mary and Bob simply hadn’t anticipated the turnover of beer! Bob had intended to continue in his job at first, but with long, long days (despite the 4pm opening time) that couldn’t happen. There’s no part-time in this industry – it’s been all consuming. When Mary and Bob aren’t actually AT the Chiv, they’re thinking about the Chiv! Nonetheless, they LOVE being the Chiv and thrive on the feeling of belonging. As Mary points out, they’re ‘working longer hours than ever, but happier than ever’.

As are we to have them here. Cheers!

chiverton tap

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