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6 Feb 2020

There’s no better feeling than slinking into bed at the end of a long day. Crown Bedrooms are designers, manufacturers and installers of bespoke bedrooms. Since the company was formed, they’ve provided their clients with the perfect backdrop for an idyllic night’s sleep.

Crown Bedrooms offer an array of services to deliver the perfect bedroom space, as described by company co-owner Joanne Donnan:

“We specialise in fitted bedroom furniture and offer our clients. We design bedrooms and manufacture the furniture in our factory, located in Denton, East Manchester. We also have our very own fitting team who are all trained by us, and we install it for you. No subcontractors!”

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A company set up by Joanne’s father in 1973, Crown Bedrooms have since gone from strength to strength, attracting customers from a broad range of locations around the North West. 

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“My Dad started the business as part of a partnership before he decided to practice as a sole trader and eventually a limited company; while the business has changed throughout the years, we’ve always been a family company.

Now, the business is run by myself and my brother; that seemed like a natural progression. We’ve worked for some big companies and drifted back into working here at Crown Bedrooms.”

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Given Crown Bedrooms’ strong family heritage, customers are afforded a level of commitment and passion for high-quality that can perhaps be compromised in high-street providers:


“I like to think there are lots of reasons why people come here for their new bedroom. We’re a family business and we look after our customers; in our showroom, we have plenty of thank you cards and letters because we look after our clients. We have excellent customer service and set high standards. Our customers pay a lot of money and they should be given the best service possible.”

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Many bedroom companies opt to showcase their offerings within a brochure or on a website. However, Crown Bedrooms have the luxury of three showrooms, located in Cheadle Hulme, Denton, and Macclesfield, where they can show prospective customers their work:


“A lot of companies don’t have a showroom at all, in which case, the customer can’t see what they’re buying. Therefore, it’s fantastic to be able to show people exactly what they’re going to get. We also provide samples that customers can take home with them to match up with carpets and so forth.”

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The products produced by Crown Bedrooms are the epitome of quality and set a high benchmark for bedroom furniture. The impressive standard of the furniture can be attributed to the fact that all of the manufacturing is completed by the company and is not outsourced to other providers:


“A lot of companies will say that they ‘supply, design, supply, install’, whereas we ‘design, manufacture, install’ everything ourselves. We’ve invested a lot of money in extremely high-end machinery to ensure that we can create the best furniture.

Also, we don’t use subcontractors; we have our team of fitters who’ve been trained by in-house. They work for us daily.”

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“We’re not salespeople, we are bedroom designers and manufacturers. My brother is a joiner and will often go out and see customers. He sees things from a designer’s point of view and makes sure that things are practical for the client.

Big companies often send designers out to see their customers as the first point of contact. As they’re non-specialists, they don’t know how the manufacturing works and the design may be vetoed by the surveyor, pushing the client back to square one.”

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Crown Bedrooms are meticulous when designing and making products for their clients. Sub-standard hinges and mediocre fittings are replaced with the best products available on the market, to ensure that the final product is befitting of a company with forty years of experience.

“We never want to find ourselves in a position whereby a customer is dissatisfied. Therefore, we buy the best quality that we can and do everything in-house; this allows us to cast our eye over the whole process and maintain our standards.”

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Making a change to any part of a house is a big commitment. Thankfully, Crown Bedrooms are in a position whereby they can provide CAD (Computer-Aided Design) for their clients. Following an initial consultation, the team can draw an image of the client’s bedroom via Computer-Aided Design and demonstrate how any potential changes would look, before they commit to the project.

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Crown Bedrooms are a company combining traditional values with an innovative business approach, in turn, providing an array of clients with a bedroom to be proud of.

Are you ready to transform your bedroom? Call Crown Bedrooms on 0161 485 4433 for more information.

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