I LOVE Darren Milnes Bookkeeping, Cheadle Hulme

22 Jun 2016

Darren Milnes embodies everything that I Love Cheadle Hulme loves about Cheadle Hulme and its businesses and people.

He’s a local lad, who initially went to Lane End Primary School on Ramillies Avenue – which he remembers as a fantastic school. Clearly, some things in Cheadle Hulme never change! He still knows many of his old school friends as he continues to live, work and socialise locally. Of course he does – like the rest of us, Darren LOVES Cheadle Hulme!


Prior to setting up his own business in 2013, Darren worked in finance for several very well known and well respected organisations. He was Assistant Financial Controller at Ferranti Computer System in Wythenshawe, before progressing to Management Accountant at Manchester Housing (part of Manchester City Council).

He tells us he never really planned to go into business on his own, as such, but that it was a natural progression for him. A friend asked – as friends do – for a little help with their books and Darren realised this was definitely the way forward! The business progressed from there.

The biggest challenge, Darren says, was in marketing the business and attracting new clients.  Many businesses which are already established generally tend to already have someone who does their bookkeeping for them (if not themselves, or a dedicated in-house bookkeeper) and the challenge was to get into the new business market – many smaller businesses and start-ups will try to do everything themselves. Bad move! Stick to what you’re good at, and get an expert in to help you with what THEY’RE good at. Enter Darren Milnes Bookkeeping!


As we know, Darren LOVES Cheadle Hulme. He likes the fact that he works in the community in which he lives.  He enjoys helping the local business community and loves networking with the Bramhall Business Club.  Darren gets genuine satisfaction from knowing he has helped to improve a local business in the area he lives – it can make a real difference.

He feels Cheadle Hulme is a great place to live, with so much to offer for leisure time too. Darren, like so many of us, is a great fan of our fabulous pubs and restaurants, and uses many of our local shops. His hair, for example, has been cut by Shane in Trims for sixteen years now!

Darren feels it would be great to see more community events – which of course, is where I Love Cheadle Hulme should DEFINITELY be able to help!  It would also be good, he says, to see local businesses getting together, supporting each other, using each other’s services – and once more, that is exactly what I Love Cheadle Hulme is all about.


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